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  1. They are woeful upfront which is costing them, still like I said Sheff Utd scored 4 against us which is embarrassing so can hardly laugh at them drawing 0-0 when they battered us, Leeds will beat sha comfortably though imo.
  2. fifamad

    Midweek Football 17/20 September

    Sha should of beat Sheff Utd, hit the post twice and missed few chances, how did we get hammered by them 4-1...
  3. They didn’t get battered by Sheff Utd like we did though, infact they should of won, hit the post twice.
  4. fifamad

    Steve Bruce

    Bruce in now? See his tactical mastermind against Rotherham. It’s all good now, we are going to finish top 2.
  5. Embarrassing, awful photoshop aswell. The cringe is too strong!
  6. fifamad

    Proposal: Match day protest against SB

  7. fifamad

    Steve Bruce

    We have Rotherham next, I think we will win narrowly, unconvincingly, but it gets Bruce by, I think Bruce will be here all season.
  8. fifamad

    Steve Bruce

    Brucey ain’t going anywhere.
  9. fifamad

    Tammy Abraham

    I thought he had a sulky attitude when not getting the ball throwing his arms up which I didn’t like, also missed an easy chance to put us 1 up. I’ve already said when we signed him I think he is an over rated player, we will see though.
  10. fifamad

    New Manager Speculation

    Bruce will be here for at least a few more weeks maybe even months.
  11. fifamad

    Conor Hourihane

    With the way Grealish is playing he should be dropped for Hourihane, Grealish just looks totally disinterested.
  12. fifamad

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Brentford will win the league.
  13. fifamad

    Jack Grealish

    Doesn’t wanna be here, he is gutted he didn’t get his move.