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  1. The goal at Tottenham away in the first two minutes where his defending was not worth 5 million... let alone 1 million. Good riddance.
  2. He used to work with a family member of mine, very surprised. Sound business knowledge, not overly or under rated, and not sure how much he knows about football, if any.
  3. Doesn't look fit. From what I have seen, and that is only 2 games, could offer more but don't seem to be playing to his strengths.
  4. Getting bored of this now. He isn't good enough. The "he saved a few shots" is getting boring, isn't that what a standard Premier League keeper should do. IMO, at fault for the 2nd, didn't judge the picture throwing the ball to the full back who was isolated. Should be dropped.
  5. The worrying thing is that someone doesn't want a Crystal Palace atmosphere... yet they have the best home atmosphere in the league. Wow.
  6. Was not expecting that. BANG
  7. Cant emphasise how much I'd love it if we signed Austin. The lad is a born goal scorer in crap sides so would fit right in with us .. he's a genuine lad who's come from the lower leagues and can tell loves playing football and scoring goals. Always comes across well too on Goals on Sunday and Soccer AM etc when he's been on.
  8. Seems better coming on to the ball with a bit more space to cross than being isolated / in a tight area to get a cross over.
  9. Probably to get more minutes tonight.
  10. All those calling for him to play as a winger... actually looks better at full back.
  11. from what I saw tonight, he looked confident and sharp, great shot that hit the bar too
  12. http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/aston-villa-set-complete-10-9682803 Pretty much done
  13. Cheers for everything CB. Now please, for everyones sake and not having to wake up to a Benteke rumour, lets all move on
  14. http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/aston-villa-portugal---carles-9668884#ICID=FB-Birm-avfc GREAT NEWS! whoops, beaten to it... anyway, absolutely buzzing he'll be playing!
  15. Clark or Richards. Richards seems a like Sherwood character.
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