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  1. I agree with you, this lack of guts, strengths & decisiveness also comes across in his post match interviews. Really if i had to listen to that dull, soul destroying voice (nothing against the Scots, i am one) he would inspire me to fall asleep, zzzzzzzzzzzz
  2. Lambert has to go, he has signed some of the worst players ever for Villa and he has not improved the defence when he had the opportunity to in the transfer window. Clark & Baker are liabilities and cannot be trusted when Vlaar is out, Tonev, Bowery, Bennett, Helenius, Luna, all shocking signings no pride
  3. This could be 5 the players have given up, rocket polishers
  4. 5 added mins, WTF PL refs r clueless, subs were made in 1st half & no injuries in the 2nd
  5. Whats making this worse is the boring commentary from Niall Quinn
  6. Give Albrighton credit he is doing more than most out there
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