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  1. A couple of years ago I was convinced he was going to be our Gerrard but it hasn't happened for him and now I regrettably doubt it ever will. I hope I am wrong. Grealish is the next big thing.
  2. I like Kozak and look forward to his return. Is a limited footballer but never let us down, always gives his all, takes his chances in the box, loves a celebration with the fans.Could be vital for us this season if we find ourselves in a scrap,
  3. Anyone who would say no to Benitez really is clueless. When he tried to get Barry he stirred up some animosity but he is a fantastic manager who would be a dream appointment for us.
  4. Reports suggest Benitez will leave Napoli to manage again in the Premier League. If we are taken over by some folks with proper ambition then he would take the job. I think he would be fantastic for us.
  5. Ignore the link doing the rounds, go to the indian sports express website and you cannot find the story. It is a fake.
  7. http://tickets.telegraph.co.uk/chicago-bulls-tickets/ They have links to every NBA or NFL team on there. So its nothing to do with Matt Law trying to get basketball tickets
  8. It's always sunny in Villa-Delph-ia
  9. loving the sleuthing. Keep it coming!
  10. All we get from the club is PR bullshit. The website is now a complete piece of propaganda.
  11. Lerner should have had the bollocks to sack O'Neill after his third season if he was that unhappy with the money spent and where we were in the league. We should have been top 4 with all that money spent or at least setting up the club for long term success and sustainability in at least the top 6. Lerner is an idiot who never quite understood how to run a football club and now thinks he can take the US sports approach of selling off the top earners and bringing through young players who will eventually mature into a good team. The only problems are a thing called relegation and a terrible rec
  12. Are there any London based Villa fans watching tonights match somewhere?
  13. Im moving to Leyton at the end of the week and starting in a job in Islington next week so I'll certainly be up for meeting up at The Baring for Villa matches when I'm not working. Very good to hear about all this.
  14. This would be good. A striker who can create his own chances and scare the shit out of defenders when he has the ball.
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