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  1. Anybody who says they don't want OGS because of the FIFA rumour is undoubtedly a complete cretin.
  2. anyone know what song theyre singing to the tune of 'shit on the city'.. it goes - small heath alliance, small heath alliance...(something) x 2 then?
  3. Hi General, (mods - please do not remove) I hope you are well. Before I start, may I just say that you, Randy and the Board are the best things to have happened to AVFC in my lifetime. You breathed live into a club going nowehere under O'Leary/Ellis and have given me my most exciting times following Villa. I have spent the last 5 or so years spreading the gospel of Randy Lerner's AVFC and everything the board have done since they came in. I have and still am genuinely proud of the club and our owners. I am one of the most positive fans you will ever meet, read any of my previous and i'm
  4. i really think this should be our song for the new boss, sung to show our support.....the tune of 'hey jude' NA NA NA NA, NA NA NA NA HEEEEEY HOULLIER....
  5. good appointment, the board should be congratulated for keeping their heads whilst everyone (most internet message board fans) lost theirs. houllier will bring a breath of fresh air to the club and the different perspective we need. i am fully behing him, randy, the general and everyone working behind the scenes to do their best for us and our club. HOULLIERS CLARET & BLUE ARMY!!
  6. a great summary Trent. I have just watched the Italia 90 documentary - real men proudly representing their country, and playing for the love of the game.
  7. yes. i was saying to my mates after the germany deafeat that 2010 is the year i think i have begun to fall out of love with football. there is just so much wrong with the game that if i started on a rant i would be here this time tomorrow still typing. 50% of the players are just complete arseholes, and the money that they receive is absolutely ludicrous. there is absolutely no way that they can relate to the common man - and their attitued on the whole are just digusting. we at villa are quite lucky in that there are some good honest lads like jimmy milner, richard dunne, friedel, warnock
  8. when i'm older and telling my kids about watching villa i want to say 'i saw them lift the fa cup at wembley' not 'i saw them finish 4th in the league once'. simple
  9. General, We would absolutely love to have you at Wembley - you deserve to be there! Did Randy hear us singing his name last night, I'd like to think he realises how much we appreciate your efforts and how much a trip to Wembley means to Villa fans, especially those like me not lucky enough to have been before! UTV
  10. MON's biggest mistake is taking the booing at the wigan game to heart. He should have realised that anybody who booed that day was a complete and utter moron and the true supporters of this club were in the quiet majority. The 'modern' football fan who wants success and wants it now, without seeing the bigger picture is an idiot.
  11. General, I recently attended a 'careers in sport' course where the aim of the course was to gain an introduction into the commercial side of sport and better understand how sports organisations are structured and designed to make money for its shareholders. It included a section called '10 key income generators' which ofcourse included sponsorship. We got talking about shirt deals and I mentioned how Villa had sacrificed that potential opportunity when the acorns gesture was made. The course deliverer responded that Villa had only done this because we could not find a sponsor in the first p
  12. James collins is magic, He's got strawberry blonde hair, And when a shot needs blocking, The big man will be there. Stevey Sidwells magic, He's better than Barry, He's all around, he's up and down, He loves AVFC. Stevey Warnocks magic, He's got a sweet left boot, He tackles and he passes and.., my god that lad can shoot. Richy Dunne is magic, He came from Man City, and when we played those greedy clearings in the woods he jumped higher than barry. Randy Lerners magic, He saved our famous club, We'll be forever grateful, For what that great man has done. Emile Hesk
  13. you can be my carlos cuellar, vincenzo montella, vincent grella, monica sella....any more?
  14. General, I took my Dad to the game last night. He is a lifelong Villa fan who only manages to get to a couple of games a season and hadn't been since the Ajax game last year. We had something to eat and drink in the Holte Suite before the game and then enjoyed what was a fantastic display of effort and no lack of quality by the lads. I just wanted to pass on the comments of my Dad who was so impressed by the matchday experience nowadays, especially the Holte Suite and Holte pub offerings. Our old matchday ritual would see us rushing around trying to get a few beers from the off license
  15. General, you seem to have missed my post. To be honest, I don't blame you but if there's anything we can do - let's get the bastard banned!
  16. Hi General, Good, solid and professional performance today and 3 wins in 6 days hsould keep the doom merchants quiet for a bit! The reason for my post is that I sat in the North Stand Lower near the Rapid fans on Thursday night, and was a couple of inches away from being blinded by a coin that was thrown in our direction as we left the ground via the exit in the corner. Can I ask if there is anything that can be done to identify the Austrian fan who threw this coin via CCTV? The club went to great lengths to find the guy who threw a coin at Redknapp last year and in my opinion this is ju
  17. General, I was there last night and I knew from the first minute that all this BS about MON loosing the dressing room and the spirit that got us so far eveoprating was absolute rubbish. We were at it from the first minute and every single player can be so proud of their efforts. As can the Villa fans who were rewarded for making the trip. I will never forget last night and I will beaming all week. 'The General Krulak Thread (Part 2) and *STILL NO TRANSFER QUESTIONS*' pages circa 87-92 are the perfect example of just how fickle football fans really are. Please refer to this next time we
  18. General, I have said this many times on this thread - you are spot on. It is so easy to give in when the going gets tough and our club needs more characters like you.
  19. 10. Finally, to write and tell me that you no longer will be coming to the games...that Fans will show their displeasure by not attending...etc. etc. I can understand such feelings but not the way they are put across...almost like a threat. We, as Fans, start thinking like that and we could easily get into a "death spiral." NOW is when we need to support the team...NOT start threatening the Team. Couldn't agree more General. Times like these (which aren't even that bad anyway - we are one game into a new season!!) are when our character as supporters is tested. It's very easy supporting a w
  20. General, I will echo the above statements and tell you that it makes me genuinely proud at what our club has become. We do things properly and if that means things taking longer than horrible clubs like Man City and Spurs then so be it. I know which camp I'd rather be in - and im in it! UTV
  21. General, as TheLionsRoar says - not only only is this not the view of the majority of villa fans but it is the view of somebody who clearly doesn't understand the ins and outs of running a REAL football club with REAL players. 95% of us know that this is not a PC game.
  22. fracture and step brothers are 2 quality films for entirely different reasons.
  23. it should be: P E T R O V, petrov is the one for me, with a nick nack paddy whack give a dog a bone - why dont barry **** off home
  24. Hi General, Can i firstly just say like hundreds, if not thousands before me - Thankyou. To yourself, Randy, MON and everyone else involved, thanks for everything you have done since you took over our great club. I could type for hours, listing the things that we are all grateful for but you know them as well as I do so I wont waste your valuable time. I am both proud and lucky to have good, honest men like yourselves running my club. Now to my question: MO'N reportedly said at the Moscow dinner that if we had 9 more players we would have been able to compete in the UEFA cup and not have
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