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  1. which sites have people found to be the best and worst for online poker? ive been playing on sky and im not going to lie ive been on the end of and dished out a lot of terrible bad beats. id almost go as far to say that the underdog wins the majority of the time, and im not the only one to feel like this, aparently there are alot of sky haters. anyone know why this is?
  2. yea 9M fukin bargain, you know it!
  3. id be happy to join a vt poker league for sure
  4. played a freeroll today, went out on trip aces! to a full house ofcourse. always seems to be the way. i had a bad out yesterday, in the last 20 of a 350 players tourny. i was 1st place with 110k chips (av stack was around 30k) then with 19 people left i called a 60k all in when i had a full house. he had pockets to take me down to 10th on 70k. then i got pocket aces on the next hand. and the flop was something like K 8 J turn : 3 so at this point i alled in, someone calls it. he only has a pair of jacks! 130k pot! ! ! omg its mine surely its definatly mine! river : J noooooooooooo
  5. ive been trippin lookin at that, is it definatly holman?
  6. thats the kind of solid logic i can get behind!
  7. did i miss something? has he 100% left norwich? what sources?
  8. yep 5pm kick off links here: http://www.wiziwig.tv/broadcast.php?matchid=158906∂=sports
  9. no need to be such a prick to the guy, hes only spreading what hes heard, which is what most of us come on here for, to see others opinions, and maybe hear some ITk news early. dont slate him, and then slate his career choice, its just not the thing to do to a fellow fan. i hate it when people think they can say what they like a long as they put a fake apology after it
  10. I really don't think our squad is as good as some make out. its definatly not as good as people think. look at our goals, where do they come from? our top 5 goalscorers were in order: dazza b : 10 (injured for half the season) aggy b : 6 goals (all in the first half of the season) stan : 4 goals ( 2 off the main striker for a lot of the season, not even a goalscoring midfeilder at villa, and out towards the end of the season due to sad circumstances, i hope he makes a speedy recovery as he was top for us this season) super marc : 3 goals ( supposed to be his bre
  11. hahahahaha hahahaha hahaha haha ha **** that
  12. im not claiming to be ITK or anything like that. but i do have some very interesting information that i recieved today. turns out im randy's long lost relative, so i gave him a bell told him to sack AM after the norwich game and he said sure why the **** not i was gonna anyways, oh and by the way in case your interested ive been saving my pennies so there will be a $100m to spend this summer (dollars, hes american, this is what had me convinced as i was still unsure after all this)
  13. less talented version? there not apart of the same scale, the zog for all his terrible football this season, would need to improve 100x over to even be a less talented version of tevez
  14. i seem to recall that he tried to bed martinez and he said no.
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