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  1. Not that we can tell. If it was personal then they could easily have taken control of linked business pages and caused reputation damage / deleted them, but they didn’t do that. Searching about online it seems that some people just do that sort of thing for ‘fun’
  2. For anyone wondering…. There seems to be no way to get the account back through Facebook’s help systems. Make sure you turn on 2 factor authentication if you value your account! The only way I could resolve this was by connecting with someone working for Facebook and getting them to open an internal support ticket
  3. Currently playing Valhalla after completing Origins. I’m about 5 hours in and it’s not grabbed me yet, pretty dull wondering about in the in the ice. I hope it gets better when you enter the UK. Does it get anymore ‘assassiney’ though? Feels like it’s a lot more button bashing than Origins where I played mostly stealthy
  4. Has anyone had any experience recovering a hacked Facebook account? My Dad's has been hacked, trying to help him get in back but it seems to be stuck in a loop with no way to speak to a real person... The account has been hacked, and they have also changed password changed recovery and main email addresses deleted phone number deleted the whole account They also got into his emails and wiped the whole mailbox (which was a 1&1 mailbox associated with his website). He has tried all the steps through www.facebook.com/hacked but the only option it gives is to send a recovery code to m****************6@hotmail.com, which is something the hacker has added. There is an option to Try Another Way or if you "No longer have access to these", but they both take you round in a loop that tries to send the recovery code back to that hotmail account. I have got him to DM Facebook on Twitter to ask for support but no reply. Any other ideas? Thanks
  5. Managed to test positive on Friday. If this is what the double jabbed milder version is then I am very glad I didn’t catch it any earlier. My whole household has it all from initial contact with someone with a ‘cold’. This is not going anywhere for a long while and is about to get a lot worse
  6. Hopefully they can have some more flexibility in terms of when we play each team. If we can move games with teams in other competitions to weekends and then the others in the week it may work out
  7. Today marks the 9th anniversary of my cousin (and VT’s own Paddy) passing away. As the years pass by it still makes me so happy to see this thread he started hovering around the top of the list in this forum each time I visit. Thank you VillaTalk members for cheering me up
  8. I don’t watch much post game analysis... when do they start talking about the team that won?
  9. Should I be this nervous at 4-1 up. I can see Liverpool easily getting 3. Some of their attacks have been scary. I’m sure Liverpool will tighten up at the back this half
  10. I got this on PlayStation after seeing how loved it was and hoped it would fill the void of having competed read dead redemption 2. I think I have only managed about 4 hours and I can’t face loading it up again, all I seemed to do was pick multiple choice answers for what to say to people. I guess would have helped if I had played the other games so I knew what was happening. I think maybe it’s just not my kind of game, I feel I need to be a little too involved in order to enjoy it...
  11. Is this the same chair? If so, the place is currently for sale on Rightmove and has been since June
  12. mark359


    I am after something new to listen to. I have only been listening to podcasts for a few months but I am pretty hooked. If I’m in the car on my own it’s all I listen to. I have currently stuck to crime or business start-ups. Can anyone recommend something I may like? So far I have listened to: Serial - love this, particularly season 1 Crime Town - Season 1 was amazing, season 2 has been pretty good as well. Start Up - Most of these were really interesting, not so keen on the Church planting or school series however. Without Fail – Only been a few episodes but similar to start up. Shattered – Directed to this from crime town season 2 with the link of White Boy Rick. Listened to both seasons now and they are very good. Criminal – Only just started listening to this (4 episodes in), seems OK so far but not instantly hooked. On the radar already: Reply All
  13. Do you take Tammy off for Kodja as it’s not his night. Or will that put him off for the next game?!
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