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  1. mark359


    I am after something new to listen to. I have only been listening to podcasts for a few months but I am pretty hooked. If I’m in the car on my own it’s all I listen to. I have currently stuck to crime or business start-ups. Can anyone recommend something I may like? So far I have listened to: Serial - love this, particularly season 1 Crime Town - Season 1 was amazing, season 2 has been pretty good as well. Start Up - Most of these were really interesting, not so keen on the Church planting or school series however. Without Fail – Only been a few episodes but similar to start up. Shattered – Directed to this from crime town season 2 with the link of White Boy Rick. Listened to both seasons now and they are very good. Criminal – Only just started listening to this (4 episodes in), seems OK so far but not instantly hooked. On the radar already: Reply All
  2. Do you take Tammy off for Kodja as it’s not his night. Or will that put him off for the next game?!
  3. What the hell Is wrong with Tammy?! He should have 3 by now
  4. WTF was Taylor doing on that cross. Just stood still let him jump over him
  5. Can’t defend that defending. Did really well just before putting Tammy through though
  6. mark359

    Formula One - 2018

    i think she lost 2 wheels in the initial impact (i would guess not having wheels makes breaking a struggle )
  7. mark359

    Formula One - 2018

    That crash is so bad, could easily of been a stand of spectators she was hitting at a different track as easily cleared the catch fence. I am amazed no one has died, look at 30 seconds in there is a marshal lying on the floor under where the car is falling. I think I read 5 people were hospotialised but I am not sure how badly injured, i know the driver has spinal damage.
  8. mark359


    @Stevo985 what did you go for in the end?
  9. mark359


    @Stevo985 have you looked at a sound base rather than a sound bar? I have a Cambridge Audio TV5 V2 and i have been very impressed with it, you need to make sure you have room under your TV for one however as its quite big
  10. mark359

    Formula One - 2018

    For me it was clear that it wasn't pre-planned; they are all smart people and know the way it panned out was bad for the sport. It was the right call to make the swap at the time and made no sense to swap back later. It would however have been much cleaner letting Lewis pit first and completing a pre-planned undercut. Bottas wouldn't have been so unhappy had he known it was coming .
  11. Big no for Henry for me, we need to get out of the championship and Bruce has to be the most qualified person in the world to do that. Henry has zero experience with it, he may be great, may be awful, but do we really want to take the risk. With Bruce we know we will be there or thereabouts again next season
  12. Is there a way to flag particular adverts? I don't mind ads normally and realise I can pay to remove them, but the "Men you don't need..." one with the image that is meant to look like a massive member is a bit much. Anyway that can be removed?
  13. Last years player of the season trophy finally got presented yesterday to Alan Hutton. Unfortunately the club have changed their procedures on player presentations and wouldn't let us actually present the trophy so they did it in our absence. Alan was given the trophy along with a letter explaining what its all about. We are working hard to try and get them to allow us to present the trophy in person from next season again,
  14. This is in the process of being sorted out at the moment. Unfortunately yeah we have had to go for the runner up so this will be presented to Hutton.

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