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  1. Pubs

    The Elmhurst Pub, N17 6XE and The Irish Centre, N17 8DX both accept away fans but get very busy quickly.
  2. Pubs

    Wetherspoons job then. Should be arriving at 12
  3. Ticket Info

    Received match tickets but no coach tickets yet - anyone the same?
  4. Pubs

    So Oyster bar or bars in Altrincham... Anyone tried the Wetherspoons down the road from Picadilly train station?
  5. Pubs

    Where you all thinking of drinking before/after the game?
  6. Ticket Info

    Bought 7 tickets this morning, looking forward to it!! Would have thought we would sell it out even tho it is early KO and on TV
  7. Ticket News

    Usually 5 weeks before the game. Saturday 7th December - I would imagine details will be released end of October and go on sale Friday 1st November.
  8. Season Tickets 2013-14

    Anyone still waiting for theirs?
  9. Season Tickets 2013-14

    Sounds too good to be true personally, but on the online ticket office, ST's shown available as.... Doug Ellis – 109 seats available Uppper – 37 Lower - 72 Holte – 1394 seats available Upper – 1098 Lower – 296 Trinity - 555 seats available Upper – 418 Middle – 129 Lower – 8 North - 598 seats available Upper – 415 Lower – 183 Total = 2656 seats available to purchase online (Not sure if they have had to remove the seats where tickets have been bought for Liverpool/Newcastle game as the ST would not be able to use their seat for that game?)
  10. Season Tickets 2013-14

    Had today's post and still nothing
  11. Season Tickets 2013-14

    Still not arrived anyone the same?
  12. Season Tickets 2013-14

    Hi mate I had the same thing As the ST's are sold online through a 3rd party company (ticketmaster) villa want proof of who's purchasing, so a adult can't buy a u16 and use that etc they just need proof the user is genuine. I took the ID's for 5 ST's into the office but the email I got said I could email a photocopy of the ID too, they can't release your ticket until this is done.
  13. Season Tickets 2013-14

    Still not received mine, anyone else still waiting?
  14. Season Tickets 2013-14

    Where do you sit mate, wondering if they are sending them out in stands ?
  15. Tickets

    No allocation mentioned - last year we took approx. 1500, imagine will be more for 1st game away.