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  1. Never cheered that loud for another teams goal!!!
  2. Seriously, a claret & blue shirt and the Lion Rampant... what's not to like??
  3. General, Sir. After watching the game tonight I have to say the so called Vienna "fans" were an absolute disgrace with the throwing of missiles and water directed at our players. Hopefully this matter will be reported officially to uefa? Per Ardua Ad Astra
  4. Hello General, Sir. My 1st post to you so I would like to express my thanks to what you and the "team" have done for this club over the past few years. Now on to my main point. I am currently a member of the UK Armed Forces, serving in the RAF. As you can appreiciate it is very difficult for members of the Forces to be "in the right place" Because of this factor I find it very difficult to get to Villa Park as often as I would like and therefore was unable to secure a ticket for either Wembley showpiece this season. Is there any way that members of our Armed Forces could have some cha
  5. I'm in the RAF and live in the North of Scotland so I don't really get the chance to go to matches. Managed 2 last season, Portsmouth at home, whilst I was in the Midlands on leave and Man City away when I was in the area on a course. Still get funny looks from the Jocks when walking around Elgin in my Villa shirt!
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