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  1. Of course I know all about it, its perfectly normal to have players posted on a different position to learn other aspects of the total game, you dont have to explain that to a Dutchie
  2. Yea, I always saw him CDM here at Feyenoord as well, so impressive, pity to not see him on his best position. You guys should have taken his bit older brother if you wanted a central defender, we lost him as well, to Hoffenheim
  3. So you guys definitely turning Swinkels into a leftback, and Bogarde into a cente-back? Come on man! Bogarde was so impressive on midfield here in the Feyenoord youth!
  4. For sure, altho 18 is still too young,, but yea, can't really stop it from happening to lose your best players. And of course the big clubs will find a way, make deals with smaller European clubs, as some kind of satelite club, we know how it works. But yea, would be better for our game and competition here indeed if we were able to keep our best players a bit longer. Of course we Dutchies have a certain view on the game and a whole own identity and dna our players grow up with, I want us to stay loyal to that, but it's hard when our top players leave younger and younger and with that, won't develop under the Dutch school
  5. Can you tell me anything about these visa rules? It has to do with brexit or? To protect homegrown players? Any difference for EU or non-EU players? And these rules are for youngsters like him too? He cant be seen as a homegrown players at this young age still?
  6. Hey guys, thanks for your reactions! Yes, I was quite surprised tho that they weren't in the starting 11 last monday, but hey, we beat Italy with 5-0, so can't say anything against the coach decision Good to hear they seem to do pretty well then! I follow the Dutch youth a lot, and Feyenoord youth especially, since Im from Rotterdam and live pretty close to the stadium and youth facility, saw van Persie come and go for example Always pity when our top youngsters leave to Premier League clubs, it happens more and more, and younger and younger, but unfortunately thats our destiny as a small country From many players the last, lets say, decade, I was the most dissapointed to see Bogarde go, as I said before, and one of you confirms, he is so calm on the ball, so mature. I had games where I just sat there, didn't really pay attention to the game but just followed him, I was always very impressed. And sometimes made me laugh, cause he has this strange and funny body language if you ask me. Kinda looked like he was authistic or something, haha, in a positive way I mean. He looks dreamy but same time know EXACTLY what do to, in almost a nonchalant way. (sorry if I make mistakes in english language). Bleh, wish we still had him! And then a year later, kinda similar player like him but even younger, went from us to Ajax, Good Lord... Appiah his name, you guys should get him too, so Ajax won't get stronger, haha Cheers!
  7. Hey guys, Dutch fan here. Any youth 'experts' here who can tell me how Swinkels, and especially Bogarde are doing? I was a big fan of Bogarde here at Feyenoord Rotterdam, for his age I thought he was so mature with full control on defensive midfield, but I see over there he only plays centre back now in the U23? This is where he played at Villa U18 also? Cheers!
  8. Greetings from an Orange Lion from Holland! Visited a Villa game in the 90s and loved the atmosphere so much! Since then I been following Villa a bit more than other English clubs. Besides this, as a Dutchie, of course Im a big Orange fan, including our youth teams which Im especially interested in. I think this is an interesting time also to follow the Villa U23 team, as far as possible, because 2 hot Dutch prospects, Swinkels and Bogarde, latter I know very well from my favorite Feyenoord from my city Rotterdam. And also curious if El Ghazi keeps playing well in your first team and see if he gets a chance from Van Gaal. I guess this forum a good place to keep uptodate about them! Cheers!
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