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  1. Defenders errors and lapses will be highlighted much more due to the position they play and the consequence or potential consequence of their errors. I agree that against Wolves Tuanzebe and Konsa made mistakes but I am not just referring to the Wolves game. I just see Mings making errors and having lapses far too often. Tuanzebe is a loan player, so I will view him differently and I don't expect him nor want him to sign a permanent contract in the summer. He impressed be when with us in the Championship but he isn't doing it for me this time around. Konsa is still young and learning and I think he has a great future ahead of him. He looks like there is a real quality football there and he could develop to be a stalwart for Villa and England. Mings is at the prime / on the down from prime of his career and is an experienced player. He should be well past making mistakes. The fact that he hasn't managed to rid them from his performances suggest to me that he never will. Buendia, has hardly played for us and way too early for me to judge. I can't say I saw much of him at Norwich McGinn, A solid player, like Mings but needs to improve a consistent level of performances. He is good enough to keep at Villa to try and break into Europa Watkins, Definitely a player to have in the squad to get into Europa. Work rate and application is excellent. He will never be a really prolific scorer but a really valuable member of the squad
  2. Yep, he is a good enough footballer from a technical perspective. The problem I see with Mings is the very recurring errors and lapses. At the level of competing for Europe every point is sacred and dropping unnecessary points can mean the difference between qualification or not. The PL is a very strong league and if you are prone to errors you will be punished by the opposition. As much as I like Mings and REALLY appreciate the service and wonderful times he has helped Villa to enjoy I think we are moving on to a different place than one that can live with the errors
  3. Key staff in most big companies will have succession planning and Villa will too. That doesn't mean they will have a replacement ready to step in to the role. But they will have a list of potential managers and will have conducted due diligence on them and that will serve as a short list ready to interview if and when the situation occurs
  4. The fact that Mings is left footed is a huge part of his value and why he gets into the England team imo
  5. As you have taken the time to go back over my posts I would suggest you read the full thread of my discussion on Mings. As Mings has been at Villa for a number of years now we have already amortised a huge amount of his transfer fee. This means that we can sell Mings at a lower price than we paid for him and still make a significant profit. Yes, Mings is not good enough for Villa and that is not for where we are today but where we are going. We are trying to compete for Europe. We need better than Mings and yes there are many clubs out there where Mings would improve their team. That is because Villa is ahead of many clubs out there
  6. What point are you trying to make?
  7. Yes it could. be a real link but when I see those type of connections it starts to look like someone in the media putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 5
  8. I think we would have similar pull, if not greater pull than Everton. We are similarly placed in the league and have great facilities and huge support. But importantly we have brilliant owners and a top quality CEO and have shown to have patience. Everton on the other hand are really constrained by FFP and would find it difficult to support their manager in the transfer market. The big glaring difference is that Everton pay their manager 10m/15m a year and we pay ours about 1.5m a year
  9. Are u suggesting that Ancelotti is not a top calibre manager?
  10. Yeah, I agree, it wouldn't be one of the big names in football but I think it would be a big name from the up and coming managers group and definitely someone that can bring youth through. I know I will get slated on here for this but it is only to try and help explain my point but if we were to employ another PL manager it would be the likes of Frank or Potter as opposed to Rafa or Bielsa or Moyes. That said, we exploited the situation last Jan to buy Sanson when he became available. Bruce may be available soon and we may just exploit that opportunity too
  11. I never suggested giving either of the the Villa job. I was highlighting the calibre of manager. It can't be denied that they are both high calibre managers. Rafa doing a good job at Everton too. I don't like his style of football and wouldn't like him at Villa but just as I have the (apparent rare) ability to judge Smith objectively I can also judge Rafa objectively
  12. Ah, we are aligned in out thoughts I suspect
  13. It is quite amazing how much having Jack playing ahead of him made him look like such a better player. I didn't realise it at the time but without Jack on the left wing Targett looks like a 5m LB instead of a 25m LB looking for an England call up
  14. you should repost it on the Dean Smith thread
  15. You are missing the key step in what happened. The ref warned Mings for time wasting and he then started his run up to take the free and stopped. It was this that correctly got him a yellow card
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