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  1. Great season to re-engage with the Cards after not really paying much attention post the Palmer era
  2. Honestly wouldnt have known anything happened without all the people losing their minds about it after the fact. Not by any means a grumpy type who doesn't engage with social media, I think it just speaks to how tiny my social circle is that I didn't even notice
  3. Small mention in this article with Mark Schwarzer basically crediting Shakespeare with the Leicester title win https://sport.optus.com.au/articles/os32621/best-of-gegenpod-ranieri-watford-analysis-jersey-swap-schwarzer
  4. She herself is pretty ambivalent, I think I can bring her into the fold
  5. Coleslaw definitely is only great when home made. Store bought or even worse KFC and can do one
  6. I didn't realise coleslaw was so polerizing it's one of the few things I am ALWAYS in the mood to eat
  7. waking up at midnight to make and subsequently binge eat a gigantic bowl of coleslaw after not eating for a couple of days may not have been a great idea
  8. Great to see the Ladies team is being taken seriously from a purely selfish perspective I'd love to see some more Aussies at the club (in addition to Emily Gielnik), our international team is one of the better ones and consequently womens football gets not awful amount of coverage here...mostly Chelsea because of Sam Kerr
  9. Apparently critics are destroying Venom 2 and calling it a 'ridiculous mess' and essentially tentacle porn...I think this is one case of a clear disconnect between critics and what people who actually liked the first Venom movie WANT from the second one (from all the buzz I have seen and reactions to news and reviews coming out). Just focusing on myself for a moment the symbiotes (and Carnage in particular) are my personal favourite little corner of the Marvel universe and the last thing I wanted it to be was some self serious 'good' movie, a ridiculous gay mess is pretty much perfectly in line with what I wanted. I'm really not happy we have to wait until November 25 for the film here in Australia.
  10. Don't disagree he WAS fantastic but he's been absolutely crueled by injury, if he hadnt been Im sure he'd still be plying his talents in one of the top european leagues but he hasn't managed to be at that level for a long long time now. He'll still dominate the A-league though and could potentially have a record breaking season if he does stay fit. I was more disparaging the woeful state of football over here than Sturridge, maybe I could have phrased it better.
  11. The standard here is so toilet he might actually be quite successful
  12. Surely there can only be one real answer.... ...No Time To Die is actually my favourite
  13. It went fantastically....started off rocky, her family are Leeds supporters (Kewell and Viduka have a lot to answer for spreading their influence out here)
  14. Not worried about Ollie's head getting turned. Seems like the type not to get carried away and like he'd be pretty good at visualising the path laid out before him at Villa. Hopefully he can get a good outing and bang a few in to secure a place for himself. Well deserved for Ollie and I think he's more likely than not to be well in the frame come World Cup time if he can continue his trajectory. Just hope the worst doesn't happen and he gets put out for a spell with an injury away from the club.
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