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  1. I don't disagree with that but I feel like villas trajectory is just too far behind jacks to be certain. Qualifying for CL is one thing, competing for it is another.
  2. This is interestingly poised now. It would be a huge statement of intent if he rejects City. Villa with JG is a serious top 6 threat. Maybe even top 4 in a few years.
  3. I am honestly trying not to be 'that guy' On topic, it would be a big blow to lose Grealish but not the end of the world. 100-130m goes a long way in this market in the hands of good owners. Clubs like Dortmund and Leicester have built their success around selling high and reinvesting. No reason why Villa can't.
  4. You would sell your granny for Villa to have our last 10 years This shit has happened to us so many times. Granted, not with a player who has the same connection to the club as Jack to Villa. He could well stay but there's something in this. I don't care if he was born on the Holte End, if City are in for you, you consider it.
  5. I read the ESR thread, I’m enjoying every second of this
  6. I'm in the minority but I'm generally Ok with the Kroenke's management. They've spent a reasonable amount of money recently (and will spend big this summer it looks like), the problem is more who we've spent on. The real issue is the people they put in charge. There are big question marks over Edu so the next season or two will be crucial. If we got rid of the Kroenkes I would be worried about who comes in. I don't want some oligarch pumping money into the club like Chelsea or City.
  7. Million dollar question! I think if he doesn't recapture some kind of form we're in big trouble. The problem with Auba is that if he's not scoring, he offers you very little. He had a rough year with malaria and some family stuff so I'm hoping he can turn it around but who knows.
  8. Alright, no need to flex! Buying Lacazette and Aubameyang within a year of each other was a mistake. Neither really fits Arteta's system either. I think he would love Watkins.
  9. This thread is a great read
  10. It's not over the odds because of how it has worked out but I think we did the right thing and I would do it again in the same situation. Spending 30m on Ramsdale the summer after is a different story!
  11. This is exactly who he reminds me of His 'underlyings' are very good apparently but he's never totally convinced me.
  12. That's my point though. Every club has (relatively) rational fans and idiots. Arsenal fans on twitter can be a different breed though
  13. Interesting to read you guys' take on him. General feeling from Arsenal fans is positive but i'm not convinced at 40m
  14. Every club has stupid fans and I can assure you most of the gooners I interact with don't think we're 'gods of football'. They mostly think the opposite! There's a fair bit of irony in Villa fans calling us delusional having dipped in and out of the ESR and Grealish threads in here
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