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  1. I agree with LWB and backup keeper, but not sure about midfield unless we lose someone
  2. I literally can see no way of us not beating them comfortably. I am getting carried away, but on paper their running stats are awful, ours are great, their set piece defending is awful, our set pieces are great, we're in great form, they are not. One day I will learn this means that we will lose, but that day is not today - 0-3 UTV
  3. I'm to blame for his lack of goals, I backed him for pl top scorer at 33-1. Soz
  4. Apologies, someone I know who works with the club sometimes hears bits and bobs. And this is a Bob, hopefully not accurate
  5. I've heard that he's going to be out for a while. Gutted
  6. I would, but if she screwed up it would be my fault. Thats how marriage works.
  7. I hear you, but just because that's how it is, doesn't mean that's how it should be. You need to be aware of your responsibilities and the rules, laws and regulations that apply to you. If my wife booked all our travel, should I be ok to be ignorant to rules that applied to me?
  8. As a grown adult, perhaps he should have found out about the quarantine rules that applied to his trip
  9. Glad we've kept all our best players. Would have derailed us if City fancied putting Martinez / Mings/ Konsa etc on their bench
  10. Which is weird as it's the opposite of how people describe Deano's management style. Oh well, trust the process and hope cash stays fit and in top form 100% of the time
  11. I'm not blaming anyone, just saying our preparations have been disrupted
  12. The cancelled games, the staggered returns of players, the shortened closed season, the upheaval of losing and trying to replace hairband, covid etc. Unfortunately, individual players performances will highlight the difficulties we've faced. Haven't West ham fielded the same team for.the last 3 games or am I mistaken? I think we'd have got a few more points on the board if we were better prepared
  13. Exactly, we have to accept that our preseason has been gash, and that our players are able to get back to their best with the right training, rest, support etc they need. Cash is a great RB, guilbert is great back up
  14. Exactly, and it's a good job his employers have more faith and patience than us lot, to get him back to his best
  15. Adman


    Fair play the fat little f*#*
  16. I know, but do you buy someone now knowing he's coming back in? I would say no, but hope that means Guilbert stays
  17. Carney at RB, Iregbunam at CDM, Sinaslo at GK...maybe these guys are close enough and the cover is good enough at the moment to not buy anyone else right know? Maybe not, and we get someone who can genuinely improve us straight away but wouldn't want to stifle these coming through if they are deemed good enough
  18. We mustn't block the passage of young talent into our first team with average players. It will knacker our only way to challenge the established top order - in a sustainable way. If we don't sign anyone else, it is because we believe the guys coming through are, or are close to being better than what we can go out and get. Our owners have put their money where their mouths are, and deserve our backing. We'd all love another couple of top signings, but if they aren't achievable, then it is what it is. Our squad is better than last year, albeit we are in for a rocky few weeks with tough games and absentees.
  19. Sounds to me like experienced businessmen doing their thing. Outside looking in, we've got £100mill burning a hole which is not a great impression to give out. We say we're happy with the squad and see if anyone comes to us with a bargain, if not we've still got a better squad than last year imo. Don't understand letting guilbert go tho
  20. Don't understand either, especially with sending Kesler out on loan too
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