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  1. I've done some sketch concepts based on the Kappa type shirt. Stripes and black change shorts on the home kit would be controversial, but I found some photos of this mash-up when we had Hummel in the David Platt days and I think it works.
  2. The 3D textured versions of the badge as used on the kits look amazing, probably the best I've ever seen on a kit, but I think it looks a bit basic when it's in flat colours in print and digital. This is so that it is clear at both a very small scale as an icon on a phone and blown up on the side of the stadium, but means it lacks a bit of character overall. I'd like to see them keep the version of the lion, maybe revert to 'Aston Villa' rather than AVFC, (maybe throw in an 1874 too) and look for a more unique shape that would stand out among all the other circles and shields, maybe a diamond shape. I've always thought a diamond would work well, since the outline is basically an 'A' on top of a 'V'!
  3. I’ve generally been happy with Kappa. They seem to put some thought into the designs, particularly the patterns for the away and third last year (unfortunately three great kits were spoiled by the awful W88 sponsor). The retro shirts and tracksuits were a nice touch too. I think we are one of their top 5 clubs (with Napoli, Fiorentina, Monaco, and Real Betis), and their only UK Club, so perhaps we get more of a V.I.P. service. I’d like to see another few years of Kappa, but it’s probably contingent on them ironing out any quality issues and offering an improved financial deal, now that we are established in the Premier League. I have heard rumours that Kappa are about to lose Napoli, so if that happens, they will be even keener to keep hold of us. Nike, Adidas, and Puma do some great stuff for the bigger clubs (Inter this season, Arsenal 2019, AC Milan this season) but unless you are in the the big 3 manufacturers’ top tier, it seems like a club basically get to pick colour schemes and apply them to a few templates. The Brighton, Wolves, Leeds, Leicester, Palace and Newcastle kits from this season all reek of this approach. I’d like to think we are more attractive to a sponsor than those clubs, by having a bit more recognition globally, but unfortunately we are lagging behind the top clubs commercially, so I’m not sure how much benefit we would get from a deal with one of ‘the big 3’. I like Umbro, but I wonder if they could roll out three sets of claret and blue kits for us, West Ham and Burnley every year. Hummel have made a comeback over the past few years and have produced some really nice stuff. They have Everton, and Southampton too from next season, I wouldn’t be opposed to them having a third go at our kits after the Kappa deal.
  4. I really like what Kappa have done with the new Botafogo shirt. Includes a collar and classic 90s style subtle pattern in the fabric. There's more pictures here: https://www.footballshirtculture.com/20/21-Kits/botafogo-2021-kappa-away-shirt.html Hopefully we get something like this in claret and blue.
  5. Hi All, I am a long-time Villa Fan and a season ticket holder. I have been reading Villa Talk for years. As a graphic designer, I'm particularly interested in the Club's image and identity, and how the new owners will look to improve this both in the local community and globally. I have an Instagram feed where I post some ideas around football kits and graphics (@totalfootballequip) All the best.
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