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  1. Well yes, I agree on that part! I know I've said this before but it's the lack of effort that makes me angry. If he worked hard and tracked back I would be sorry for him too. But he's a mature adult and he 'decides' for himself not to put 100% effort in when he plays. I've got a feeling that now he's made his millions he's comfortable with his lot and lacks the desire to continue to play at the required level! It's a very sad waste of talent but we can't afford to accommodate players who contribute little to the 'team'. By not starting him recently, I feel that DS has also noticed what I
  2. Needs to start more games at a championship level. Not up to PL standard at present imo. Needs a year of deveopment elsewhere to see where's he's at. Hopeful but not convinced he make it at PL level!
  3. I have seen enough of him to feel that he's good enough to be a starter for us.
  4. Yes I would, but to be fair I wanted Barkley more at the time! Isn't hindsight wonderful?
  5. Serious question, why do you feel sorry for him?
  6. No he plays either LB or LW....similar to Cash in terms of flexibility...but not as good as Cash. Much better option that Taylor though! He's 28 and wages wouldn't be a problem.
  7. Adam Reach (Sheff Wed) could be a useful back up for Matt Targett at LB. Good defensively and going forward with a great shot on him!
  8. Yes...back to being a long ball team and it's painful to watch
  9. 100% agree. We were lucky not to suffer earlier in the season with Covid otherwise we'd probably be in a delegation scrap!
  10. It's never too late to fall in love :).... don't be shy
  11. Not entirely no but did you miss the 3 misplaced passes (2 of which nearly led to goals. Or did you notice him not even try to track back at all or ducking out of tackles?
  12. 100% agree. It's really noticeable that Targett is less of a player without Jack
  13. The one thing I've definitely learnt tonight is Sanson needs to be starting games.
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