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  1. She's lovely. We had German Shepherds at home for years & had to use choke chains with them (and even then they'd sometimes, still try and rip your arm off).
  2. Jeez, Ruge - sorry to hear that. Hope the little mite is recovering well & the family aren't too freaked.
  3. Apparently that chandelier cost a fortune...
  4. My mum didn't let us kids watch The Young Ones... she used to switch it off. Every. Single. Time.
  5. Is it too early to be drinking bourbon?
  6. That fecking Wowcher ad on TV. Sweet God, will ye stop? I try & hit the mute button, but obvs I'm not quick enough. Please cease & desist
  7. Why? I used to watch F Troop when I was a kid...
  8. We had our own mobile home for years (70s-80s) in Portrane (North Co. Dublin). Just a field, not too many amenities, but right beside the beach. We used to spend all the summer holidays there (3 months) & most of the bank holidays & we loved it And yes, @bickster I do remember a lot of bingo...
  9. I saw them in Atlantic City two years ago & it was a cracking gig (even if the beer was overpriced). Also, I love Def Leppard
  10. I wandered in just to have a look... eh, nope.
  11. I had a much stronger reaction to my first Pfizer jab. Absolutely on the floor for 3 days. 2nd jab? Nothing except mild pain at site.
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