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  1. Sorry, was only on them for less than a year, 20+ years ago... you have to come off them gradually. You can't/shouldn't do it cold-turkey.
  2. Dundalk, Ireland. Limited to only 5k travel from home
  3. We've been told we'll be in a hard lockdown till at least June (we've been doing this since before Xmas). I'm not sure I'll cope. Live on my own & WFH, hardly see anyone. Struggle with depression already
  4. You know you're depressed when you couldn't be bothered watching the match...
  5. Had IBS from 19 for a good 8 years. Various doctors said I was too young to have it. Awful stomach cramps, for hours on end, sometimes days. Particularly couldn't eat/digest red meat. Doc had me on limited diet & then reintroduced certain foods over time. Had to take muscle relaxants. Mine is completely stress-related. Over the years it's eased off/I'm more careful what I eat. It can flare up if I get too wound up though. My sympathies & good luck @KenjiOgiwara
  6. It's quite uplifting to hear from people who have that experience lingering somewhere in the background, but haven't let it define them. Both my parents are alcoholics (he's extremely violent). Home was a head-wreck, I've two younger sisters. I know I've an addictive personality, but gave up smoking 14 years ago and have had 9 bottles of cider since November (and 1 bourbon). I don't want to end up like them. Years ago i remember thinking I could just sit in a pub all day, but decided this wasn't a good course of action. Then again it means everything is directed inwards, resulti
  7. The people upstairs having a party, mid-Covid & they're still going @ 5 in the morning
  8. Following the Villa 27+ years. Ex-midfielder (bad knees). I live in Dundalk, Ireland, long-time lurker and looking forward to participating properly. Cheers
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