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  1. I should not have stepped away for table tennis after Jack's goal. What the hell!
  2. I'd like to see Barkley with a bit more patience around the other sides box. He's playing with spirit, but tends to lob it into the box after a few seconds of dribbling.
  3. Perhaps their aggression against foul magnet Grealish puts AV in a favorable position for some quality set pieces. Just hope his hammy holds up.
  4. No worries! I appreciate and understand the passion. I might agree with you if I were not afraid it would somehow get me into trouble.
  5. To be clear, I was just wondering if the subject had been previously broached. It's not my idea for changing the game. Globally, football is the most important sport. American football is just entertainment and big-money inside the sphere of America.
  6. I suppose the difference in goal amounts could be too little to measure.
  7. That would've gone over well. They are beginning to create a whole new game at that point. I did enjoy seeing Becker come up as offense in the last minutes in the match against Burnley. That's another question I had.
  8. I was thinking that if they were a bit smaller in diameter, there may be more goals. Didn't think that would effect the entire pitch geometry, but I suppose it would. I follow ice hockey mostly, and the NHL doesn't see changes to the game as "meddling with the fiber of the sport". MLB baseball, on the other hand, is overly cautious to make any changes. Perhaps that's a similar stance for the beautiful game. I suppose eliminating VAR should be the first order of business?
  9. I can do more! As of yet, most of my education has come from watching Ted Lasso.
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