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  1. Recent outgoings will have created a bit of space in the salary department too. It’s like the perfect deadline day BS. Sounds soooo plausible.
  2. Random Twitter BS says 40m Euro bid from Roma accepted for Douglas Luiz, as we’ve had £45m offer for Bissouma accepted. BS, but the kind of BS only deadline day delivers.
  3. I’m going to take 1990, when you were 6, as the start point. Off the top of my head, Paul McGrath, Dwight Yorke, Steve Staunton. I’ll give you he’s the most exciting to watch, in that period, but in terms of ability in their position and what they delivered for the club, I’d have those 3 above, with others pretty close. I don’t want to come across as one of those, he was never that good, people, but ever is a long time and we have a pretty spectacular history,
  4. If you told a packed Villa Park you were going all out for a player I owned. The price would now be twice what I actually wanted and I’d want it all paid up front. You’ve put yourself under pressure to deliver player X and I can stop that happening if I want to. Give me what I want or you look an idiot in front of your fans.
  5. If ever you decide to play poker, can you let me know please, asking for a friend.
  6. Potential exits…. Nakamba, Guilbert, El Ghazi, Wesley. If we don’t give the impression we are happy with our squad, or we go out and buy replacements, it’s clear they are surplus to requirements and so offers will be low as we’ll want them off the wage bill, in that scenario, as we approach the window shutting and the options to offload them get smaller and smaller, their price falls.
  7. Because their value halves as we approach the end of the window and their replacements are already here.
  8. ‘We’re quite satisfied where we’re at, at the moment.’ Thereby telling those looking at El Ghazi, Nakamba or Wesley, that they need to pony up if they want them. Equally, we don’t have millions burning holes in our pockets that we are looking to spend ASAP on other players. I think the line is that we’ll need to replace any departures.
  9. Stoooooop, or at yeast make them funny !!
  10. 2 years left on his contract, time to sell or extend on what I would assume would be improved terms. I’d also imagine he’d want some assurances about game time too. I think it’s fair to assume, given the boards expected trajectory for the club, that a move is more likely than not.
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