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  1. The Brazilians at Liverpool seemed ok doing so
  2. I bet we let them leave in October too. Don't see Liverpool and others bending over do you. We are a soft touch as a club.
  3. It seems to be something happening quite a bit recently!
  4. Are any of us shocked by this news?
  5. Sounds like my brother..what a word removed
  6. I think midtable would be a good achievement with the squad depth as it is.
  7. So if they are not there to help do that, what are you expecting of that position?
  8. Haven't had the best window but wanting the owners to leave may be a stretch!
  9. The manager himself said Europe was the goal to try for this year. So yes you would expect a squad without gaping holes in it. Having to rely on talented but inexperienced kids after 1 injury. Having to play a supposed full back in central midfield. None of that screams trying for Europe. My point is the words don't actually match the actions of the squad built. So did something change? This season will require as deep a squad as ever due to the uncertainty of COVID and international travel. Yet the squad is paper thin in places. If you think Ramsey and the like can hold their own against a team like a Chelsea much less Brentford you need to take the claret and blue specs off. To clarify I hate being negative. I just cannot understand what the plan has been.
  10. You believe Ramsey and Chuk can be counted and relied on through a whole season to contribute and turn games? From what you have seen so far you honestly believe they are ready for a full season against some exceptional players in this league?
  11. And again he may flop here. To claim it's a better window because we have replaced Grealish with him, who like it or not would have delivered for us if he would have stayed is mental. FYI I hope he is a great success but right now who knows .
  12. The only position you can argue we have improved is striker. Ings. Wingers? No. Nobody is proven like Grealish in this league we are replacing him with. Bailey who knows, Buendia one season in the league historically. We are not better in this position than before as things stand. Midfield? No better. Defence? Young is versatile. Same for axel. We still lack numbers even there. Keepers? No better. So all in all nope.
  13. The manager really doesn't like him. But he's never been given a reason as to why despite asking. He wanted to stay play and succeed but was never given an explanation as to why. No indication it's a quality of play issue. He loves the fans but has never been given backing in the club. Is what I have been told by someone that does know him very well and sees him almost daily.
  14. Not shocked the midlands is a backwater of football to the rest of the country, except Leicester.
  15. You know it's bad when Pete Colley hasn't even bothered to go down Bodymoor. He's in his yellow pyjamas at home readying himself for the final hours super League six transfer wankfest with that Kaviar bloke blowing his wad over any rumors to do with any of those teams. **** off.
  16. So is Young cover for both full back positions as well as Central Midfield?
  17. Quick question is Grealish still staying?
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