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  1. That's a bit of a stretch surely
  2. The main question is if Watkins shreds his knee in the first game, can Wesley be the guy. Personally, I don't see it. And that's a massive massive risk. Are we seriously relying on Watkins playing every game again next season? All it takes is studs caught in the grass, one bad tackle and we are left with what up front?
  3. We will sign people before 31st August ends. Cling to that. Everything else is just waffle and bullshit.
  4. You know when you just have a feeling it is my going to work for a player? I'm getting they with Wes now. Makes me sad
  5. Jas Tweet > Alexis Texas Ass Tweet
  6. Seriously relying on watkins to be fit and play a whole season again is an massive massive risk that could blow up in our faces massively. Davis and Wesley are not the answer for varying reasons.
  7. He's a bullshitting wank pheasant like all these Twitter ITK's.
  8. Doesn't seem to apply to all teams does it? See PSG. And even then the punishment is probably tolerable
  9. I have very little faith this will happen
  10. They can most likely afford Kane and Grealish
  11. It's just a random number input by some spotty kid in the basement
  12. We still have some large gaps to fill and squad depth is a worry
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