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  1. I just hope this whole Newcastle thing isn't a mirror of Randy realising he couldn't compete once Man city got bought. There are being realistic if Newcastle do what they may now be capable of, 6-8 teams we realistically won't be able to compete against. What would their thoughts be on making villa a success now.
  2. I wonder if we did a poll what percentage of regular callers into this pile of wank have some kind of identifiable disability of some sort or on some sort of spectrum? And yes I aware that's offensive to people with such difficulties.
  3. Any lingering hope villa.had of getting into the important league places has gone now. So what's the plan? Hope for 8th at best and keep having to sell your best players to the obscenely rich teams?
  4. How long before it's the "big seven" being puppeted by sky and the rest of the media?
  5. Well that's one more team we won't be finishing above within a year or two. Unlimited spending power in theory
  6. Head like a boulder..surprised the ball didn't explode when his bonce twatted it into the net
  7. Ramsey is improving game on game. Let's not over hype him but he could become a good Central midfielder at this level with luck on his side.
  8. 18 months out knowing our injury luck!
  9. He had already blew his ACL out before signing for us. Sadly he looks like a crock at this point
  10. He is a much more rounded and better overall player than I realised. Happy days!
  11. They need an injection of Flaps onto the show I reckon
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