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  1. You are correct there were a few times.he held on to the ball to long and lost possession when he could have released it earlier and been even more effective. It's a coaching thing hopefully these things get picked up.
  2. He has alot of abilities and quality. Let's just hope he stays injury free!
  3. I would assume the terms for Benrahma would be in the same region as whatever we are paying Watkins. So I would imagine it won't happen based on him not necessarily starting, they won't be dropping Trezeguet yet, and deservedly so.
  4. Technically we could still loan him with an option to buy in January.....
  5. It's not the end of the world not signing anyone else internationally. Cash and Watkins come from the championship so there may still be some quality we could add. Is the Scottish window still open after today?
  6. Some put alot of time and effort into it. Very sad!
  7. I genuinely don't understand what people get from making up bullshit transfer news. 99.9% of the time your proven wrong at the end of the window and just get dogs abuse (Rightly or wrongly) What do you gain from it? Literally makes no sense to me. Maybe I am just old!
  8. Getting ready to come up with a new username when Rashica signs for Leicester
  9. Can we all agree when he doesn't sign, we don't reopen in January either, please!
  10. But we know sky are basically full of shit. I assume the European counterparts are no different
  11. I am a lover not a fighter I can assure you
  12. Still let two in at home. Not good enough.
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