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  1. The ops director at the club won't enjoy reading this!
  2. It's Roy Evans and Houllier again. Maybe she said she needed a bit of extra help.
  3. Know there is lots of interest of Davis on loan to the championship. Assume he leaves in Jan. Do we stay with just Wesley and Traore as backup strikers? Does seem a bit risky.
  4. Pissflaps


    I read a comment by one of their fans. He said Konsa is a championship defender. Now either he doesn't watch villa play or...wolves have some seriously amazing defenders.
  5. Do people think we won't be trying for Barkley if the finances work.and he wants to come? We've just replaced hourihane with him long term, no affect on Barkley or not.
  6. Bruce about to put Chris Samba up front to rescue a 2-1 defeat
  7. I didn't mean on here. I should have specified twatter
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