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  1. Gutted I'm not in Exeter (I left England when lockdown was announced) for a kick around with him as he's back a few days over the International break. I hear the boys were gunna say he can only use his left foot but the way he's playing now it's not even a disadvantage!
  2. Not suggesting stats are everything, but Opta, who are pretty adept at this kind of analysis, give Premier League players a Performance Score after every game. Thus far this season, Watkins is averaging 93 and Bamford 69.Football Index is another half-decent measure of relative value. On there Watkins is priced at 1.39, Bamford at 0.95, and Wilson at 0.74.
  3. And I love it! But it may be pocket change and greed, but it's more about the survival of our club in these difficult times. Getting greedy over the little crumbs
  4. I wonder if we're entitled to 20% of those add ons?
  5. Hey, we told you how good he was before you signed him from us, and you were just as skeptical, if not more so, than Villa were! I'm just proud of our Ollie, genuinely feels like yesterday we were all having a kick around on JLC, now look at the lad.
  6. Always proves the doubters wrong, our Ollie
  7. Too high for a hatrick hero against the current champions? But na it is interesting seeing all the posts at the beginning of the thread. Some even saying 20m was too much!
  8. Do you believe me yet? up the Watkins!
  9. I see Super Ollie Watkins is impressing already
  10. We spend all windfalls in the same way: 1/3 - Ground developments and infrastructure improvements 1/3 - Towards the academy 1/3 - Split over 3 years towards the playing budget
  11. Disputes over if it was 15 or 20% But based on 20%... 28m. 3.5% to Exeter (taken off the price by Villa and paid to Exeter direct) = £980,000 Remaining £27,020,000 paid to BFC Brentford pay 20%(?) of profit to Exeter: Profit is 27,020,000 - 1,800,000 = 25,220,000 20% = 5,044,000 Exeter therefore get: £6,024,000 Bees get: £21,976,000" Add on the £1.8m we got upfront... Total sale of £7.8m for a league two player. Incredible. Potential for it to go up another £1m if Ollie activates all the £5m sell on fees for Brentford, too.
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