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  1. If we are really inventive perhaps the xG metrics have not picked up similar positions and it would not give an increase in xG
  2. You been barking up this tree for 3 years now. Being a manager is also about balancing the squad, giving younger players the clue that you get chances to prove your worth. If they never get a chance they will just wither away as our youth in former years.There is also a reason why many teams uses a cup keeper, you need a backup that has played a match in the last 3 years if something should happen to the first choice. Both teams used players thats usually second in the pecking order last night, for a reason. And perhaps we should look at the game. We played brilliantly and were unlucky to not win before penalties. Except Young I think all players played good.
  3. Only postitive comments on Twitter atleast, thats good
  4. I love El Ghazi, but he is frustrating. When he is on, he is so good. Then he just randomly fumbles the ball with bad touches. Yet he shows up and scores important goals for us. Its just so inconsistant. No matter what happens, he is a great player who i respect for his professionality. I want him to stay, but I can also understand if he does since it seems like game time might be limited in the future if all our new signings hit it off.
  5. Doubt we will get any in before we have any outs
  6. I think Milner handled his transfer the best. Said that City had to fix it before a certain date else he would stay, and they fixed. Clear and no back and forth.
  7. So lets get Ødegaard now to trigger Arsenal fans? Tuanzebe, Ward-Prowse and David would be a dream for me.
  8. Be truthful, we all miss it a bit
  9. We are blessed to have him
  10. So many new posts, cant keep track. Life is difficult at the moment. Both here and on Twitter, but cant stop refreshing... Need to knoooooooow Also I dont care about City or whoever is in for him, I just want him to stay city is a decent club, no bad feelings towards them, even if they are financed by a country
  11. If he stays he stays because he wants to
  12. Lets just all be behind Grealish until the day he is no longer a Villa player. So much abuse going on social media towards him now, its shameful
  13. Sorry didnt mean to quote you, i just dont know how to remove it after i fat fingered it... Doku is overrated after EC, his stats for Rennes is not impressive at all. I would avoid him
  14. MentalM

    Ezri Konsa

    I believe Mings is our most important defender, everyone else in the back 4 seems worse when he isnt on the pitch bossing them around.
  15. Once a rossoneri, always a rossoneri! He is stubborn, I am stubborn. He said no, I say no
  16. No please, one of my best mates is a Milan fan. He isnt a fan, and since I am loyal to him I am not either!
  17. Probably Geoblocked for me? Will check out AVTV
  18. I would say delete this thread and lets have a new one! But someone needs to answer me before deleting: Where can I as a foreigner watch the Womens team games? Is it on AVTV?
  19. I would disagree on that. For i.e Smith-Rowe to come (even as unlikely that is) if his team reads rumours and the buzz about Grealish leaving for City, he would probably await that to be cleared up before signing for us. At the moment, with Grealish we are a contender for Europe, without we are probably a mid table in my opinion.
  20. I am curious to the rumoured Grealish move, will it halt the recruitment until its solved with a new contract? Many of our targets are probably being convinced by Grealish staying and would now await the situation.
  21. Perhaps Purslow leaked it to Jim White to make Southgate believe Grealish is a City player, hence upping his chance of starting the game vs Germany?
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