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  1. Fair enough. I believe Heaton was far better than what we were used to. However I also believe he never settled properly before the injury, and I cant say he was that good as I expected him to be
  2. My meaning was that many of the players we signed before last season has improved THIS season. Targett, Konsa, Luiz, Nakamba, Trezeguet Heaton, Wesley and Engels hard to say anything about with all the injuries. I am not including the players that were signed after being on loan (El Ghazi and Mings). The abovementioned things lead to my comment that I believe Traore can be much better if we give him another season
  3. Targett, Konsa, Luiz (more consistant this season imo, fewer of the horrendous decisions), Nakamba (when he has played), Trezeguet (his improvement startet after Covid break last season thou) Engels, Heaton and Wesley hard to judge.
  4. Doesnt this buyback also require Luiz to agree on it?
  5. With all the improvements from the signings last year this season, I will not write anyone off before they had a second season
  6. MentalM

    Ezri Konsa

    TBH i think the header would have been disallowed if it went it. Pretty clear free kick in my opinion. VAR wouldnt let that one stand.
  7. To all the responses, yes we condemned it through Purslow. I am however expecting an official club statement, that is what I am dissappointed for not being presented
  8. Brighton condemned it as well. Why are we not doing it...
  9. Lets hope the club issues a statement similar to Everton now. Condemn this shit from all official channels we can. I would be greatly dissappointed if we do not do as they did.
  10. I am curious if Smith notices how the fanbase is unhappy with Barkley (as we rightfully can be in my opinion), and would leave him out due to it? Because even me who is a reasonably calm person would be furious if he gets minutes next game. I would rather have Trez on with crutches due to his attitude. Personally I believe a manager should be pretty confident of the quality in a player if he gets minutes after that performance, because in the long run you need to keep the fans happy. Absolutely outrageous if he is even on the bench in my opinion, would rather have an empty seat the
  11. PL signing of the season if you ask me
  12. I am just amazed of the idea that someone is more genetically predispositioned to be assaulted by the likes of Ben Mee, I applaud the creativity behind that idea. I dont fully support it (well I actually do not at all) but its creative...
  13. I hope we dive and act our way into Europe. We are not getting the free kicks we should be getting, even if we do act. Grealish gets mauled down with no cards given until 70 minutes. Then there might be a yellow if we are lucky. Traore and Trezeguet are overdoing it a bit, and they look silly doing it. Still dont mind, we are not worse than other teams. Entire Football needs and overhaul with regards of all of it. Make a season where they do not allow holding (we will have one season with 1000 penalties, but so be it), overplaying being fouled (1000 yellows), diving
  14. You can see the potential is there. Fingers crossed he improves, seems like a likable character. Also appreciated his honesty in the need to get used to the tempo in PL, he knows where he needs to focus his game at the moment! I suspect we got a great signing, who will shine next season.
  15. That game was what we get with Mings. The odd mistake thats costly, but also the desire to win and make up for it. Without the error proneness he would have been the best English CB due to his leadership. Its frustrating, but I still deem him the most important player together with Martinez in our defense since he is so vocal and a natural leader. Doubt Konsa would be so good without Mings. I screamed when he made the forward run and assisted Trez, and for the love of god ITS SO GOOD TO SEE THE PASSION HE HAS. The relief on his face when Trez netted made me a happy man!
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