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  1. Where are these so called facts?
  2. Nitpicker I think we get what I tried to convey
  3. I dont even know if we get this guy or not. But the experience and hope (this thread) has been worth it! Would be one of the most impressive non-signing in a while. Hope we are making the worum and the WIPs of WB proud
  4. I agree, I would sub in El Ghazi yesterday to create something. The point was more to games where we would not be dominating possession to the amount we did yesterday
  5. 100% wrong name, probably because of frustration with Targett at times Still point of defensive works stand, as his stats shows.
  6. To be fair to Trez, he does alot defensively. Targett is being saved by Trez ALOT during our games. However in games where we need goals, I would not play Trez.
  7. So the same as Trezeguet... El Ghazi can create something, even thou I rate Trez over him due to the defensive contribution. Yesterday, we should have subbed him in to make something happen.
  8. Just saying that Balotelli, Antonio and Carroll has scored many goals in PL, none of those have great decision making
  9. This Maupay guy looks good, should go for him! Would probably make us contest for CL right?
  10. I would keep him so our FB keep the drama!
  11. He takes the bait when we reach 300! Then we cod reel him in.
  12. 100% agree I feel Hogan has good attitude, he put work in but didnt work out here.
  13. We need more fish jokes! Lets use this opportunaty to get to 300? Someone mentioned he would be offishially signing if we reach it!
  14. Why not both? I lean towards that theory
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