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  1. Tends to get most starting 11's right in the past.
  2. He was brilliant in my football manager save if that counts for anything.
  3. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/wasserman/beraterfirma/berater/440 I can't see Johnathan David on this list?
  4. Really think we're missing someone like Anguissa or Bissouma in the team. Someone to break things up for us. I like Marvelous but we need a better version of him.
  5. Didnt train yesterday, not in the squad today, dont think he played in the behind closed doors game vs Crewe... Starting to worry now!
  6. Big shift in the betting. Moved to 1/2 in the last 15 minutes. Similar happened with Ings (admittedly a much bigger price) before he was randomly announced. So who knows....
  7. where you heard this? I read this morning he was off to Bayern Munich, I think.
  8. go the football manager route and drop to the reserves, fine 2 weeks wages every day until theyre that pissed off they'll go anywhere.
  9. Know their track record has improved slightly as of late. I'd guess this is Cantwell or JWP.
  10. Where have these rumours originally come from?
  11. My first game with my dad after supporting Villa for 20 years. Excited for this one!
  12. Pretty sure Robinson played yesterday vs scum
  13. Very sorry if already posted, and I know this doesn't mean that much. But we've went from 33/1 to favs to sign Danny Ings over the last 24 hours.
  14. I always thought you couldn't have a medical unless a bid has been accepted? which if the bid has been, you'd think that the club would be releasing something saying so considering the calibre of player?
  15. Unsure of the legitimacy of this lot - I take it they're as reliable as Gregg Evans?
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