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  1. We do for sure, we have a lot of league games to fill in We have a chance of top six tho, it's still very tight, just needs us to go on a decent run
  2. After his comments in the last interview, I wonder who will actually be available to play Wednesday, doesn't sound like the whole squad will be back in time
  3. Next few games will be a real test, but, I'm confident going into each one, what a strange feeling this is...bravo Dean Smith and his coaching team, we are brilliant to watch this season
  4. The lad doesn't stop running, superb today, unlucky not to score a couple
  5. He owns the Hawthorns, him and Bert were quality tonight
  6. I reckon it's just his agent throwing our name out there to get him a better deal elsewhere, I know we're mega rich but are we really gonna pay the fees quoted for him
  7. I've forgotten what's it's like to watch a decent Villa team.... More of the same now, take em to the sea and drown em
  8. The perfect Sundat doesn't exi.....
  9. I've heard he's waiting to see if we beat Liverpool before joining us
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