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  1. Double signing unvalied with the new away kit
  2. Sign all the strikers and play them all at right back
  3. We can't be turning out noses up at the like of Origi, we survived by the skin of our teeth. He's better than our current strikers. Wes will need another half a season to get back to full match fitness. If we do get Origi for £20ish mill then I see that as good business for us
  4. The window is open until October 5th
  5. If we do sign him, I just hope the fan base doesn't turn on him if he's not hitting the ground running after the first few games, given the hype around him that is a danger
  6. For sure, I haven't seen much of Benrahma to be fair, he's definitely got quality just not proven at prem level, like Konsa as you say, it took him time to adjust, have we got the time if Benrahma needs to adjust.?
  7. Benrahma isn't proven at prem level, most seem to be clammering over him tho
  8. I think we should be looking for the next Benrahma/Mahrez etc rather than paying 4x what it could cost us
  9. Wednesday tomorrow, new signing day ..
  10. Until there's a vaccine, I don't think we will see VP at full capacity again. This is the new normal for a while yet I feel
  11. Tammy won't be leaving Chelsea, they have champions league football. Yes, he's not going to playing week in week out, but, if Werner isn't firing he will get a chance soon enough. We know the mainstream media haven't got a clue who we're after, the likes of Origi and Iheanacho are lazy links imo We had a prem plan as stated by Smith, I imagine that is already in full flow, bids would have been tabled and I reckon in the next week or so we will see the first through the door
  12. With Johan coming in, do we think we'll see any big name signings? Doesn't seem to fit with what he's done before.
  13. Hi All, Long time Villa fan and sufferer of 30 years, been a visitor of rhe site for a little while now and thought I would take the plunge and join
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