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  1. I don't think he is worth that money. I think he done brilliant for us to get us promoted and started the season really well but he is behind giroud now and if he was worth that money I don't think giroud would keep him from the side. He needs lots of chances to score and doesn't really create anything for himself. I think we deserve a player who can both create something from nothing and score too.
  2. What about shaqiri on loan with an option to buy, cover ourselves if he is not at all arsed in performing. There is a really good player in there and will get into double figures if his attitude is right. We need some exciting players linked with a mix of potential and proven quality. Origi, inanacho and Abraham are not what we should be going for, go get a marquee signing
  3. Tammy would be good (not amazing) and get goals as long as he gets the service,he's a 12 yard finisher so the getting in more creative players is more important as I think Wesley would finish the chances Tammy would
  4. Thank you, delighted to be involved, I completely agree, for too long we have wasted money on bad to decent players. The last signed player I was excited about was adama but unfortunately we hadn't got the intelligence to bring out the best in him or realize how good he was..if Jack is gonna stay at statement of intent from the owners is needed
  5. My first ever post: I think we need to take advantage of the lack of money in the Spanish league at the moment. The big clubs have lots of smashing young players we should loan(reduce risk) to buy. Like Kubo and Diaz from Madrid to add quality to the wings and try throw money at them for odegaard . Fripo, Tobida in defence and raphina for a goalscoring midfielder from Barca. These clubs need to sell to invest so could be got at bargin prices. Players like trez and el ghazi lack composure, quality and will never take us to the level we all want to be at
  6. Ben

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    Hi, new member to the forum but a long time browser, looking to get involved in all things villa and excited to see how we make the next step and create a winning team for next season
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