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  1. Yes he would. I think he could adapt to though, especially if we buy a better front 3 to alleviate some of the attacking responsibility currently on Jack and McGinn. Having said that Dean knows and likes the 433, which is his right, so probably won't change it. Maybe he'd switch to 4231 depending on the opposition or if we were chasing the game and need some goals.
  2. Agreed. I know Dean favours the 433 but if we are able to sign a quality CF plus some wingers on either side I'd love to see a 4231 with Jack in the no 10 role and McGinn and Luiz behind him.
  3. I respectfully disagree with this assessment. Grealish is naturally a central player in the no. 8 or 10 roles. He was a 8 when he almost single-handedly dragged us up from the Championship, except at that time he had Tammy ahead of him, and (for that level) relatively decent wingers to play off. The problem last season was that he was our only attacking threat. In the 433 central role he would receive that ball too deep and would have to run the length of the pitch in order to get anything going, but would inevitably get hacked down. When he moved out to left wing he was much more influential as he received the ball in a much more dangerous position higher up the pitch and was able to start moves, win free kicks, create or score goals. As for England, there's much less competition in the central area. Who else is there? Mason Mount, James Maddison, Ross Barkley? WInks, Henderson and Rice are more defensive players and aren't vying for the same roles as Jack. On the wings he's competing with Sterling, Rashford, Sancho, Hudson Odoi - all of whom Southgate specifically mentioned as reasons for excluding him last November.
  4. I agree. I understand that our midfield played a part in our defensive frailties at times this year, but I'm a little confused by the prevailing opinion that this was the sole reason. We had the 2nd worst defence for multiple reasons. We shipped a ton of goals through set pieces, and through our defence's individual errors or inability to mark players. Even Mings has dropped a few clangers. Konsa has started to deliver on the promise but is still young and learning. I don't rate Hause and am unsure of Engels. Yes, we improved massively after the restart but I think it would be unwise to assume our defensive problems are now gone. I'd prioritise a CF and two wingers. If we get those first, our midfield 3 (assuming we play Dean's favoured 433) would be Grealish, McGinn and Luiz, which is pretty strong, certainly much stronger than our first choice back 4. We definitely lack depth in midfield, but personally I'd rather sign a first choice level CB or LB first.
  5. peteyp


    Hi all, I've been a Villa fan for 25 years. Currently based in Derbyshire. Work and family take up most of my time these days but I try to get to Villa Park whenever I can - I've been averaging around 4 or 5 home games plus a couple of away games each season the last few years. My fave Villa Park memories are still probably two games from the 97/98 season - the 3-2 win v Arsenal (aka the santa game) and the 2-1 QF win over Atletico. Fave villa players? When I was growing up it was probably McGrath, Deano and Yorke. I also had a soft spot for Ugo. Of more recent years...probably Milner, Laursen and Grealish. Anyway, hope that's enough of an intro cos I can't think of anything else to say! Cheers
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