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  1. ive heard we are preparing to announce our interest in this guy...........exciting
  2. we cant give jack the night off he gets paid too much
  3. and he deserves every penny if not more
  4. we got to go close to full strength and win the game comfortably, how bad would it be to go out of the cup or even struggle against lower league opposition when our season starts next week
  5. did anyone else translate jack thanking the manager for his opportunity to “the manager is a bell end and cost england the win not putting me on earlier”
  6. its all well and good signing watkins but he scored goals in a brentford side that were creating alot of chances a game with benrahma and mbuemo each side of him..........if jack goes back in the centre next season at the moment hes going to have el gahzi and trezeguet each side of him
  7. maybe jack could be southgates new favourite lolol
  8. it feels like we are waiting until the end if the window to maybe save a couple of millions or we are only able to sign players only we are in for and the clubs will except instalments ......deadline day might be fun
  9. **** hes like a better version of sancho ..........sign him up
  10. right now that england shit show is over are we gonna actually sign some attackers or what ?
  11. 45 mins of my life il never get back
  12. cant believe people are turning their nose up at c wilson when we have had davis and samatta running round like headless chickens for the last half of the season
  13. i think we need benrahma weather jack stays or goes, if jack stays it will allow him to play attacking midfield while benrahma goes out on the left and if jack goes hes as close as skill level who we can attract so we will sign benrahma and watkins its a no brainer
  14. i can see a bank holiday bonanza coming with 3-4 signings in one day
  15. Villa94

    Matty Cash

    ffs can he play up front !
  16. i jumped on the bandwagon of calling southgate this and that for not calling up jack but have just listened to the “my old man said” podcast where they make some really good points about it so check it out if you can
  17. my starting 11 for sheff utd based on who it looks like might come in : nyland guibert konsa mings targett luiz mcginn hourihane trezeguet grealish samatta
  18. no ive followed his career over the last 5 years hes good
  19. i hope its this goalkeeper from Copenhagen ..........jesus christ hes good
  20. ive watched the utd stand (youtube channel) when the had a video about jack grealish because i was interested to see what they were saying............the guy who does it is so f@cking smug and thinks any player that they go in for they will get so i would f@cking love this sancho deal to fall through just to wipe that smug look of his face because hes been creaming himself over sancho (please god fall through) so that hopefully we can tell them to f@ck off as well if they come back in for jack
  21. id just keep the same squad again, dont know if i want a boring mid table season it was fun that relegation battle
  22. what the hell is going on........somebody tell the board the transfer window is open ffs!
  23. as shit as they were tonight watkins and benrahma would still improve us......go get them deano
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