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  1. no ive followed his career over the last 5 years hes good
  2. i hope its this goalkeeper from Copenhagen ..........jesus christ hes good
  3. ive watched the utd stand (youtube channel) when the had a video about jack grealish because i was interested to see what they were saying............the guy who does it is so f@cking smug and thinks any player that they go in for they will get so i would f@cking love this sancho deal to fall through just to wipe that smug look of his face because hes been creaming himself over sancho (please god fall through) so that hopefully we can tell them to f@ck off as well if they come back in for jack
  4. id just keep the same squad again, dont know if i want a boring mid table season it was fun that relegation battle
  5. what the hell is going on........somebody tell the board the transfer window is open ffs!
  6. as shit as they were tonight watkins and benrahma would still improve us......go get them deano
  7. emiliano “fulham are scared of us”
  8. benrahma playing shit on purpose coz he wants to play for the villa next season
  9. if they really want jack they should be giving us £80m upfront not offering £2 a month for the next 100 years .....they can go f¥ck themselves otherwise
  10. look at dean scouting the talent up close
  11. my team for new season heaton guilbert konsa mings targett luiz mcginn grealish sarr benrahma grant
  12. anyone who would score goals................we wouldn't want that !
  13. got the feeling grealish to utd is still on solskjaer really wants him think there is a deal to be done at £80m depending if we will accept maybe 40 or 50 initially then the rest in installments
  14. i wonder if we could prise maupay away from brighton
  15. tammy aint gonna get in the england squad being 3rd or 4th choice for his club he needs to come back to villa and be the main man .........its gonna happen i can feel it
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