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  1. just need to get milner, barry and downing back now and possibly gabby and champions league here we come
  2. i think that jack will be kept for when the team are behind or drawing a game they should win and i dont know what to make of that ?
  3. rashford man of match for me…….class when he came on
  4. i did it because i dont want it to happen and i wanted to be a winner either way, my bets never win
  5. i dont think its the end of the world if jack doesnt start if he did and the team didnt start well he would get the blame and we may not see him as much going forward at least this way when we look a shambles jack can come on and save the day and make southgate look like an even bigger clown
  6. my favourite bit of the presser was when he was asked about how gareth southgate has improved him and to explain what he is like as a coach……….after stuttering and pausing trying to think of the right answer he just about came up with one
  7. lol i dont normally get up this early…….but i recommend he changes it to this more fashionable way of spelling it
  8. so everytime a player has a good game they get compared to gascoigne its getting ridiculous now, what did he actually win and how many goals and assists did he get, phoden has won more already and jack in the next couple of years will win more, i bet the players are sick of it but would never say because ‘gazza’ was a media darling
  9. i think southgate knows its down to jack weather he keeps his job or not, make him the main man and he keeps his job leave him out and he loses his job its as simple as that!
  10. watching england now is just like watching villa……….hoping the other 10 players can be on jacks wavelength for 90 minuits
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