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  1. I follow @Genkie123 in his reaction. Benteke was younger and still missed his chances. Most supporters couldn't believe he moved to the premier league and that he would make it there. Samatta is more a finished product, because he's almost 5 years older. Benteke played 1 year for us, Samatta 4 and won the league. So ofcourse he made a bigger impact for us. And in the meanwhile you'll comprehended that he's pure cult.
  2. This says it all, how popular he was in Genk.
  3. Mali needed some time and Trossard is injury prone, but they'll both get there. We weren't always consistent in our national league because of our business model. But the last 10 years we produced some great academy players (Courtois, De Bruyne, Casteels, Benteke, Origi, Fereira Carrasco, Castagne, Trossard) and bought and sold big talents (Ndidi, Bailey, Kabasele, Milinkovic-Savic, Koulibaly). The next one will be Berge probably. So, it's in our best interest Samatta succeeds, so we can keep attracting young talent and selling them. Prefereably after we won the league.
  4. Yeah well, it's pretty much our business model to buy young(er) talent, filled with our own academy players, mold a team for 3-4 years and compete for a price. With Samatta and probably Berge leaving, it's the end of a cycle (Trossard, Aidoo and Malinovskyi already left this summer). We're sad he's leaving, but everyone is happy for him, he really deserves it. And ofcourse we hope he succceeds. Every transfer is a gamble and I understand there are doubts. But he has certain qualities, it all depends how quickly he picks up the higher level. I'm repeating myself, he won't be the best transfer y
  5. Those last 20 seconds of the second movie are the whole reason we're gutted he's leaving. Absolute cultfigure.
  6. Last (and previous seasons) we played in a 433/4231 formation with Samatta as a lone striker. I think you could best describe him as a pressing forward. We pressed high on the pitch with him as our first defender. In posession he tends to search space: in the corners of the field, behind defense, in between lines. Always making a running action. We played technical, posession football but against bigger teams, we could also counter attack (like our goal against Besiktas https://m.hbvl.be/cnt/dmf20181026_03877683/video-smullen-in-europa-league-bekijk-hier-de-wereldgoal-van-krc-genk-en-het-prach
  7. Hi, visiting KRC Genk and (biased) Samatta fan. Is Samatta good enough a striker for Villa and the Premier League? I think he will be sufficient for your needs. He isn't a clinical finisher, but I'm sure he'll score his goals. He's a fairly good allrounder. He's quick, a good header, pretty much two-footed. His biggest attribute is his work ethic. He's a very dynamic striker, in games he doesn't score or he isn't efficient, he's a constant threat for defenders. He always will do his defensive work and never hides in games. Last season he had a big amount in our league titel. With h
  8. Regular


    I'm a visiting KRC Genk fan, wanting to discuss the transfer of Samatta
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