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  1. Brighton fan here. Wow, pretty woeful game from us. Grealish is easily your standout player and is so dangerous going forward, be surprised if a top-six club doesn't go in for him soon. I was happy with a point after that belting goal but I'm worried we might slip into that relegation zone if we lose on Tuesday. Do you think you can get past Watford?
  2. Hey Villa Fans, Let's be honest here, we both desperately need to win this game. Dubbed as the 'Six Pointer' we both are coming off the back of a loss, yours quite a bit more significant than ours. I have been really impressed with the football you boys have been playing and worry that you might shake us at the Amex. I went to Villa Park this season when you snatched all three points from us, it was heart wrenching and I had an awful journey home. Ok, my questions are how do you boys feel about your injuries and are you worried about Pepe starting? My score prediction is 2-2
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