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  1. Comparing to last year, how many more have we loaned out?
  2. That’s what my instinct tells me too. In this case I’d hope that it’s just a falling out.
  3. I don’t understand why noone thinks we are going to lose against Brentford and win Chelsea. This is the typical Villa as far as I understand.
  4. So true. My girlfriend knows more about Jack Grealish than offside rules.
  5. Hong Kong watch here. I have slept so little that I almost had a heart attack after searching what the City away kit looks like, without even doubting that this could be a fake.
  6. Does anyone find it weird that all the mainstream media have gone mouth shut for the past 12 hours? Might be a good thing for us.
  7. If Ben Mee didn't injure Wesley, will we still be in the Premier League?
  8. Sanson wore #8 in Marseille? Might be him that's switching numbers.
  9. As much as I hate his football, it is a pretty remarkable thing to still yet to concede going into the semifinals.
  10. OK, so let's dig deeper - did he only delete anti-city tweets or did he also delete many other tweets? Media can always present you a different story by only showing you a part of the story.
  11. This cannot be any more credible
  12. Gregg Evans has suggested that Grealish was going to leave every past summer.
  13. Wait till you see a bottle of sparkling water costing 1750.
  14. Just found this in my local convenience store. Jack has become the face of England. He is in fact becoming a worldwide star, as an Aston Villa player.
  15. Wasn't following - did anything happen between these 10 pages?
  16. Gambling business outside China might be the way of how businessman get money out of the country.
  17. He’ll have to change his name to Emi first.
  18. Is there a possibility that we can play McGinn at the 10?
  19. A lot of people acting like we will get expelled from the league if we make a signing that displeases them.
  20. You scared me... I thought you're talking about Buendia
  21. If I’d have to choose between the mighty Chris Wood for £25M and Josh King for free, I’d go for King.
  22. A huge disclaimer that we should not expect top 6 - but there may be a very good chance. If Grealish is fully fit the entire season, we may have gotten 65 points. At least for this season it could be the case. So with new additions such as Buendia, we should be able to stabilize our performance further to carve out a smoother route to the 65 points we wanted. Can we win 50% of all our games? I think there’s a good chance.
  23. Was expecting Tuesday/Wednesday and never thought this happens today!
  24. I don't know about others, but Matt gives likes to everything he sees on instagram.
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