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  1. A lot of people acting like we will get expelled from the league if we make a signing that displeases them.
  2. You scared me... I thought you're talking about Buendia
  3. If I’d have to choose between the mighty Chris Wood for £25M and Josh King for free, I’d go for King.
  4. A huge disclaimer that we should not expect top 6 - but there may be a very good chance. If Grealish is fully fit the entire season, we may have gotten 65 points. At least for this season it could be the case. So with new additions such as Buendia, we should be able to stabilize our performance further to carve out a smoother route to the 65 points we wanted. Can we win 50% of all our games? I think there’s a good chance.
  5. Was expecting Tuesday/Wednesday and never thought this happens today!
  6. I don't know about others, but Matt gives likes to everything he sees on instagram.
  7. No one's talking about Mings, I suppose everyone's expecting him to get into the squad eh?
  8. A local team How about the Solihull Moors?
  9. It’s off that everyone else are wearing their normal numbers. It’s not like he’s not assigned a first team number, he has No. 60, but he’s chose to wear the 8. Edit: didn’t notice Jaden was not wearing his number too
  10. On Jaden’s Instagram, you can find pictures of Carney wearing number 8 in training as far back as from May 10.
  11. I honestly thought he’s 24/25 years old.
  12. Arlind, my boy! He either really loves or hates Villa.
  13. They'll need a third striker, so it's either Ollie or Mason Greenwood. I'd fancy Ollie for the two.
  14. Congrats to Ollie, who made it to the Euro Provisional Squad!
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