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  1. The point is we definitely have a different aim comparing to Everton or West Ham at least for a couple years. If the definition of success is to be mid-table comfortably I'd argue what they're doing might bring us success.
  2. By the look of things, we aren't even close to signing anyone by now? In other words, the first signing would probably be in at least 1-2 weeks?
  3. Apart from the time when Jota got headbutted in the training ground.
  4. If Zaha only costs £30M, worth going for?
  5. He's good! But if we want a starter we might need to go for younger and possibly even stronger options. There's no need for him to join as a squad player unless Samatta and Keinan Davis leaves.
  6. Dunno if any of these players have been mentioned yet: Andre Silva - 12 goals in 25 games, only started 16 games, stepping into the second year of a 2 year loan in Frankfurt from Milan, dunno if the loan can be terminated earlier. Adrian Hunou - Doesn’t start every game but scored 8 goals in 1209 minutes of playing time, translating into a 0.6 goals per 90 Chimy Avila - Scoring day in day out before his 6-month injury in Jan. I’d stay away on players that just got out of injury, dunno what you guys think. Yussuf Poulsen - Was superb a year ago but his form dipped this year. Also he’s Danish.
  7. I'm thinking the opposite as we will be rumored for the whole summer of Benrahma coming and get hijacked by some other PL teams at the last minute.
  8. If that's true then it's way too slow. I'd imagine we would've only gotten leftovers. Usually I'll call bs but this haunts me a bit though, as this Holt End Hawkeye dude leaked the home kit (and possibly the away kit).
  9. Had already thought of the worst case scenario, so I guess this has safely exceeded my expectation.
  10. Looking at this, I think I'm gonna get disappointed tomorrow
  11. In fact the DoF of Brentford - Rasmus Ankersen has a part time role as the chairman of FC Midtjylland, which is basically the other largest team in Denmark right now
  12. Been seeing people worried about Johan Lange selling players quick and we should focus on building a core rather than selling players for quick profit. Just looked at wiki, Copenhagen were just selling 5 to 6 players a year. I think that's pretty fair. In fact most clubs transfers way more than 6 players a year, just that it's largely a bunch of players who got released so we wouldn't think of it as selling. Imagine probably selling one or two John McGinns, couple of Nakambas, and another two or three Aaron Tshibolas and Ritchie De Laets - but getting a solid 4-5million per Aaron Tshibola and maybe upwards of 15mil per Nakamba.
  13. So you mean, to deceive the player into thinking that they're signing with Chelsea?
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzCxgLUvo1g Tifo just made a video on Japanese youngsters.
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