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  1. Should we just play Nakamba every match from now on so we can basically get clean sheets for the rest of the season?
  2. Don't talk about signing him for 20M, wouldn't even sign him for free since he's such a liability on the pitch.
  3. hong0311


    It felt so nerve-wracking watching the last 15 min last season having the fear that eventually the opponent will score and turn the game around. I for one have just realized that this feeling is long gone, so I checked the goals conceded in the last 15 min for this season and last season to reassure my observations: We were 9-18 last season compared to 8-5 this season in the 76-90th min in terms of goals scored vs goals conceded. On top of that, we were 9-15 during the 61-75th min last season, and we turned it into 8-3 this season. Maybe Smith has got a point not using subs.
  4. Just checked, Tyrone Mings has 0 errors leading to goal according to the Premier League.
  5. That's what I thought too. I was asking as I didn't really understand people slating him for not changing starting lineups. On the other hand, other than the above reason, what made DS not trying to use subs? I think he did try and at least bring one or two fresh legs in the game last season.
  6. I can recall Deano trying out different formations and moving players in/out of the starting 11 last season. What made him change drastically this year?
  7. I think we can win this. They now have Jesse Lingard.
  8. Bare in mind that plenty of the good players will only play in Ligue 1 for 1-2 years and move on to Spain/England. He stayed for 7.5 seasons and hence the number 1 on this rank.
  9. I see this transfer as adding depth and rotation options to the CM position, and preparing for Europa if we ultimately got it. We need 4-5 players with Premier League starting capability for double the amount of the games.
  10. I don't blame the players playing like they're in a training match against Newcastle. It is a training match.
  11. Please don’t scare me this way!
  12. Probably shouldn’t rush him into a game. Generally not a good idea.
  13. Had me recalling the Josh Onomah + 3M offer
  14. He was great tonight apart from that one mistake that shouldn't even have existed. Really doesn't deserve the hate he's getting.
  15. They can maybe sell him to a club called Aston Villa
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