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  1. And for those who constantly says Davis is a young bright prospect, Wesley is just a year and a couple months older for goodness sake.
  2. I certainly don’t mind being called “Doing a Man City”
  3. If Douggie plays well enough that he gets bought back, I hope we have a big enough club stature to attract not just replacements, but potentially improvements to him. 40M+ players.
  4. That McGinn back pass contributed a lot to Arsenal’s xG if I recall correctly.
  5. We’ll gain a lot of fans from the milk tea alliance though
  6. We don’t care. We need to sign him to unlock the best thread in VT history.
  7. Well if you look at the squad info on our wiki page, it says Wesley is the number 9.
  8. I don't like Brighton or West Ham. They seem like the teams that we struggle against. Brighton has been extremely unlucky this season despite playing some good football. Wolves can always be dangerous.
  9. I'm scratching my head. Getting thrashed by Leeds and Southampton, yet pulling off convincing wins against Liverpool, Leicester and Arsenal. Two of those were away wins too! We had a combined 4 points against the so-called top 6 + Leicester last season.
  10. I thought Targett was pretty poor tonight apart from that assist.
  11. I think he definitely motivated Trez. So I'd think of him being £9m and Trezeguet £19m. Still kinda not worth it though. Lol.
  12. I kind of think the same. More worried about the Southampton game than this.
  13. You forgot about points deduction.
  14. Exactly, just like how we played Liverpool.
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