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  1. Well that was easy , best I've seen Marvelous in a Villa shirt. Onwards and upwards.
  2. Shows how far we've come when we have not been at our best but scored 2 and been comfortable , Watkins must have more disallowed goals than anyone in the league.
  3. Really looking forward to game and very confident about the win which being a Villa fan never sits easy with me.
  4. Done twice now in consecutive games in .Manchester by corrupt / incompetent officials .
  5. Not just Scottish football that is corrupt then !! Disgusted !
  6. Been proud of the first team this season but even prouder of these young boys,well done to everyone of them.
  7. The feel good factor continues, so proud of our young boys !
  8. Don't know what I hate more, Man Utd or VAR, if the same incident happened in the Man Utd box I would guarantee it would not be given, totally corrupt, but I tell you we are a good team that is only going to get better.
  9. Traore definitely a passenger so far, offering nothing going forward or defensively.Probably score first goal !
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