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  1. Clean sheet and Watkins to score would be the perfect night.
  2. How jammy have Newcastle been last season & this , so many undeserved points.
  3. Need to seriously up the tempo 2nd half , can't waste this great chance to get first win of the season.
  4. Unbeaten start to the season continues. UTV
  5. Really excited about what Watkins can bring to team.
  6. The sign of things to come, I hope.
  7. That's now 3 halfs of football and England have created next to nothing and yet Grealish is still warming the bench ,think I'll go and check to see if he has any Scottish relatives.
  8. Is it just me but with his hair do he looks like Lansburys little brother?And both came from Notts Forest !
  9. Don't know if it's been mentioned before ,but Southgate is a total hypocrite, remember when Jack was tearing up the Championship and Southgate said he couldn't pick him as there was a massive difference compared to the Prem but he picks Kalvan Phillips who hasn't even played in the Premiership, well overdue recognition for Jack ,might even get this Scotsman to watch game.
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