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  1. What a massive massive win ,can't beat the feeling of a last second winner, would have loved to see Deeneys big ugly face when goal went in,priceless.
  2. Had a power cut after first goal, came back on about 1.5 hours ago, the best game I’ve ever missed !
  3. Seen first City goal then we had a power cut , still off yet, there must be a God !
  4. Predictions for the 4 games , I'm going 49ers ,Chiefs,Ravens ,Seahawks.
  5. Really good result against a top side, still a lot of work to get to final but with Villa Park rocking for 2nd leg I fancy our chances, shout out to Nyland outstanding tonight.
  6. Takes a couple of hits and still powers over, classic Lynch.
  7. Horrendous tackle, excessive force and scissor like which I thought you weren’t allowed to do, makes you so angry that VAR spot offsides by having your armpit hair offside but don’t spot something as obvious as this.
  8. Just said on Sky it was a ludicrous decision to disallow Grealish goal , thank god we don’t have it in Scotland.
  9. Massive massive 3points , liking 2020 already.
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