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  1. Mick McCarthy would do a better job with this team. Why can’t we set up some sort of defensive structure to deal with set pieces? It shouldn’t be so difficult. Our midfielders are 30 yards away from each other when we get the ball, leaving nobody to pass to. It’s a shambles. What’s going on on the training ground? We went to old Trafford and passed United off the pitch in the first half. We are progressively getting worse.
  2. Samatta blatantly pushed in the back on the edge of their box in the lead up to the second. No composure from mings for the clearance. Poor from Reina too.
  3. Wesley is clearly tired. Not bringing Kodjia on in his place is bizarre.
  4. Fair point. Leicester’s organisation is on another level. But some of our players worry me. I don’t see what Wesley and Nakamba are going to offer this season.
  5. I have a feeling and hope that there may be performance related clauses in that contract.
  6. Too many players looking nowhere near good enough at the minute; Nakamba, Konsa, Elmo, even Mings, Targett, McGinn, Wesley, Trez. Worrying times.
  7. Targett makes a red card challenge at 3-1 down and finds the whole thing funny. He was smiling at 1-0 down in the first half too. Not the type of character we need if we are going to start winning some games. Players should be angry to be 3-1 down.
  8. Amateur behaviour by the whole Villa setup there. Leaving Mings on at centre half to try to run off a pulled hamstring! Costs us a goal straight away. Beggars belief.
  9. Thoughts on today: 1. Good cross and great finish from McGinn. 2. Nice finish from Wesley. 3. Should have taken the initiative to go two up, either at 1-0 or 2-1. 4. It’s difficult to make sense of that second half performance. We were outfought by Arsenal (notoriously spineless Arsenal). 5. Nakamba was badly overrun in the second half and couldn’t even get close enough to commit a foul at times. Where was Douglas? 6. We lacked real composure and leadership in the second half, on the pitch and on the sideline. Why didn’t someone win a free kick, a corner, go down holding their face, knock it long and push out from the back. We allowed 10 men completely pin us back on our own goal line for over 20 mins with no respite. Incredible. 7. Arsenal were lucky to win that penalty with the shirt pull in the build up but the foul was crazy. I though Engels was good otherwise. 8. Deflating result but my hope is that we can stay in touch with the teams around the bottom 6 and try to improve from January. 9. El ghazi is taking a lot of criticism from fans but I don’t see any end product from Trez. And he’s not using Freddie on the overlap. Several wasted opportunities to attack the arsenal full back when 2 on 1.
  10. Shambolic second half performance. No composure. No organisation. Dropping unnecessarily deep.
  11. El Ghazi is performing better than Trezeguet in my view. Trez has a far superior overlap on the flank in Guilbert and persistently turns backwards and takes any initiative out of the attack. He hasn’t tried to take his man on once.
  12. Hi all, I’ve been a Villa fan since around 1992. I’m Irish so copied a few school mates and chose Villa as my team. Best decision I ever made. My favourite players over the years would be the likes of Angel, Yorke, Savo, Bosnich, McGrath, Laursen, Young and Benteke. Biggest disappointment was probably the 2000 FA Cup. Biggest joy has to be Wembley 2019. I never thought I’d see Villa fall from the top division, so it feels good to be back. I’ve been following the forum for years. It eases the pain of defeat and sweetens the victories. I had been waiting for Mika Aaritalo to make the breakthrough before joining but I guess it’s time to let that one go!
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