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  1. A superb series though I personally prefer The Civil War - probably one of the best pieces of television ever made. Prohibition and The West I think are also very good. He's actually just released a new mini series on country music a few months ago but don't quite fancy the subject matter. Think my favourite non-Burns Vietnam documentary is The Last Days in Vietnam , a brilliant watch.
  2. I know his mum. He's currently got an offer from dortmund on the table. A talented lad.
  3. I understand the criticism about him being too deep but he's been doing it his whole career. I also think it's pretty vital to the way we play - when he was injured the beginning of this year our biggest problem was the transition from defence to attack; nobody but him effectively carried the ball forward and we ended up aimlessly passing it. I think the real problem is that both he, and mcginn, overlapped in the wide areas last season with the full back and winger to create overloads. Our main source of goals last season came from out wide. Last night both he and mcginn kept cutting back inside into a congested centre whilst we only had the full back staying out wide. I would perhaps switch mcginn and grealish round so they're more inclined to go on the outside instead.
  4. I think their logic is that change probably makes more sense after this series. It may not be the best time to bring in new blood when bayliss is on the way out, root's captaincy is in question and the team is probably more likely than not going to lose the next test. There is some merit in the argument that it's best not to taint any newcomers with these troubles and instead to give them an entirely fresh start. Also gives the likes of Roy, Bairstow and Buttler one last chance to perform before they get the boot. That being said I hope for maybe 5 changes come the next test series.
  5. When your record signing and your best player have a bad game you'll be lucky to get a point, especially against the likes of spurs. Defended well and bear mind that Southampton and Watford lost to Burnley and Brighton respectively by greater margins, it puts everything into perspective.
  6. Bob Funkhouse


    Hi, Like a few people I've been a long time peruser of this forum (since the dark days of McLeish at least) and finally fancied posting. I've been living up north for the last 8 years but am moving back to Brum soon and am looking forward to struggling to get matchday tickets on the regular. UTV
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