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  1. I think with a lot of his work his narratives take time to come together and inevitably some work better than others - I think Bitter Lake was more cohesive than Hypernormalisation , though the latter is arguably more ambitious. This one pretty much seems like his most ambitious yet and he said in an interview with Diane Morgan that he came up with the overarching theme first and found a series of stories that explained his narrative. All this being said, I've only seen the first episode as I refuse to binge watch work from a man who can take 5 years to release a series.
  2. New Adam Curtis series 'Can’t Get You Out Of My Head: An Emotional History of the Modern World' debuts on the Iplayer Feb 11th. Apparently a six part series, around 75 minutes an episode. I'm still not entirely sure what it's about but it's bound to be excellent.
  3. Afraid I'm not so much an expert on monitors - in terms of individual models I'd look at the reviews but i can't see anything obviously wrong with those choices. If you're going for one of those 2 monitors then i'd go for the mobiuz has it has a brighter display. It might be a shame though to have a 3060ti which can do 100fps+ at the highest settings 1440p (QHD as opposed to FHD which is 1080p) for many games, only to be limited to 1080p with your monitor. Personally if I was spending £1000+ for a gaming pc with an 3060ti then I'd probably buy a 1440p 144hz 32 inch monitor but i
  4. Yeh that's not a bad deal all considered. I wouldn't be happy with that brand of power supply personally but you're covered by their extended warranty (and they don't state the make of motherboard) I'd definitely save £100 though, get rid of windows and just buy a cheap licence key online. Bear in mind that pc is deffo overkill for Wow and the witcher 3 though! You'll be averaging 60fps at 4k on the witcher or over 100fps at 1440p so make sure you have a decent monitor.
  5. Unfortunately your PC chose the wrong time to break as pretty much all video cards and some of the newer cpus are in very short supply/massively overpriced. Can I ask what your budget is? If you have the money the above suggestions for graphics cards would be exactly the things to go for but I'd imagine any pre-built with them included will be well over £1000. It also really depends on what kind of monitor you have - is it 1080p, 1440p, 4k and what's it's refresh rate? If you're playing on an old 1080p display at 60hz then you wont see a lot of the benefits that a newer gr
  6. I can't find the weimann topic but he has been ruled out for at least 9 months with an acl injury. He is 29.
  7. Deano been outplayed here. They've destroyed us time and time again out wide. We defend narrow and this has exposed that.
  8. Aye, they'll be making big losses on each console. They will no doubt be looking to recoup the difference in commissions from the ps store. You are getting a lot there for £360 though.
  9. Wasn't amazingly insightful but there are one or two things. Club is prioritising signing the best primary school age kids in the Midlands as well as increasing links to inner-city clubs. George boateng has moved up to be u23 assistant. There's a new academy building at bodymoor heath and a purpose built stadium for academy games (I didn't know this). Just for anyone interested in signing up to the Athletic it's currently £1 a month for the first 12 months. It's generally worth it even if villa fans have a bit of a raw deal.
  10. Guardian has us and baggies in talks to take Conor Gallagher on loan here.
  11. A superb series though I personally prefer The Civil War - probably one of the best pieces of television ever made. Prohibition and The West I think are also very good. He's actually just released a new mini series on country music a few months ago but don't quite fancy the subject matter. Think my favourite non-Burns Vietnam documentary is The Last Days in Vietnam , a brilliant watch.
  12. I understand the criticism about him being too deep but he's been doing it his whole career. I also think it's pretty vital to the way we play - when he was injured the beginning of this year our biggest problem was the transition from defence to attack; nobody but him effectively carried the ball forward and we ended up aimlessly passing it. I think the real problem is that both he, and mcginn, overlapped in the wide areas last season with the full back and winger to create overloads. Our main source of goals last season came from out wide. Last night both he and mcginn kept c
  13. I think their logic is that change probably makes more sense after this series. It may not be the best time to bring in new blood when bayliss is on the way out, root's captaincy is in question and the team is probably more likely than not going to lose the next test. There is some merit in the argument that it's best not to taint any newcomers with these troubles and instead to give them an entirely fresh start. Also gives the likes of Roy, Bairstow and Buttler one last chance to perform before they get the boot. That being said I hope for maybe 5 changes come the next test se
  14. Bob Funkhouse


    Hi, Like a few people I've been a long time peruser of this forum (since the dark days of McLeish at least) and finally fancied posting. I've been living up north for the last 8 years but am moving back to Brum soon and am looking forward to struggling to get matchday tickets on the regular. UTV
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