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  1. Anyone know how many tickets ST holders can allocate to guests? I've read that the number changes on a per game basis but I can't for the life of me find it on ticketing information.
  2. Article about his injury and Deano talking about how it's being managed. Looks like it's all about the building up the muscles to the side of his rather impressive calves in order to take the strain. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/may/27/jack-grealish-100-fit-for-euro-2020-says-aston-villa-manager-dean-smith?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other
  3. The samsung is a QLED with full array local dimming so it's very bright whilst still being detailed and having good contrast but the LG is an OLED so you're gonna get those great black levels, contrast levels and colour accuracy. Both look really good, have hdmi 2.1 and game modes with auto low latency. The Samsung doesn't have dolby vision but then again neither does the ps5. Samsung have a good UI with great smart TV support. Apparently the LG doesn't have all the catch up apps Integrated. If you're gonna stick it in a big bright family living room maybe the Samsung but I'd probably go OLED.
  4. Hadn't heard of them before the documentary they did but they sounded great on that. I've gotta give this a listen.
  5. According to Whoscored , Fred is the highest rated defender in Ligue 1 for players who have played 12 or more games (my arbitrary figure, though 12 is a third of a Ligue 1 season). Thought I'd get this in before the end of the season in case he has a stinker in the final game and drops down the list.
  6. I've seen it listed but haven't got any interest in country music so haven't watched it. Then again, I had no interest in baseball either so I should probably give it a go!
  7. Watched this, was enjoyable. Such a strange mix of people who went on to do vastly different things. I'll have to give a third mention in this thread for a favourite documentary maker of mine, Ken Burns. He did a comprehensive 10 part series about baseball called, appropriately, Baseball. It's really a fascinating sport and the history of baseball completely mirrors the history of modern America which, of course, Burns tells brilliantly. Also some great stories about the individuals and also scandals that made baseball's reputation. It's on amazon but only if you have the PBS add on which is £2.50 a month. I'd recommend paying the £2.50 and seeing how many Ken Burns docs you can binge in a month.
  8. By 'one of these sticks' i'm assuming you mean a cordless one? My girlfriend's mum has got a dyson v10 and it's great. It's got the kind of suction that, for my own health, i'm glad just didn't exist when i was a teenager. They're about £400 new. I bought a refurbed v6 years ago from dyson on ebay and it's fine but just ain't the same though is a fraction of the price. I did see the other day that dyson are selling refurbed v10s on ebay for £320. Think they only come with a year instead of 2 years warranty though. I heard the shark ones had good reviews but reading into the user reviews put me off.
  9. Yeh this certainly seems to be their strategy - market women's football as a family friendly and cheaper alternative to men's football (in this case free!). It's kinda like how the premier league was offered out free overseas on tv when it first launched just to get people interested. I don't think they're going to aim to compete women's football alongside the men's game as it's just such a crowded marketplace. If the quality of the football is what you're interested in why watch women's football over the championship or the Bundesliga or many other professional men's leagues. Just wondering, did your daughter enjoy the day out as a whole/ would you ever pay if it meant taking the whole family for a cheap(ish) day out? I don't have kids and I fear that taking the missus would result in 90 minutes of feminist vitriol.
  10. I have pretty much the same laptop but 15 inch and with a 4800u (link has 4700u in the url but 4800u in the product description, dunno which you have). It's great now they've sorted the fan curves. My battery hasnt lasted too well though. Crazy you can get 8 cores and 16 threads for sub £600 nowadays.
  11. The argument is that medically it makes sense to leave it two years but that no professional athlete, with a career spanning only 15-20 years tops, is willing to forgo an extra year of their career to let it heal to that extent. Interestingly, ACL injuries in the other knee are also more common for athletes who have already had an ACL injury as by protecting one knee they put more strain on the other. I won't begrudge seeing Wes play for us soon. If the medical and fitness team think he's ready then the only way we'll know if he has a future back at the top level is by giving him a run out. That being said, I'm sceptical as to how much he'll contribute. He really didn't look that mobile in the last u23 game he played in.
  12. I was reading earlier that the medical advice is to really leave it 2 years before returning to professional sport if you've had an acl injury as the chances of re-injury are much greater in the first 2 years. It might be a blessing if Wes doesn't play much till next season. Then again, it might not. Either way he didn't look too mobile in that Leeds game.
  13. I saw Billy Bragg at Ilkley Town Hall (yes, I am aware just how middle class this statement is) and I think him playing Tank Park Salute was perhaps one of the best moments at a gig I've ever had. It truly is just a beautiful song, one of my favourites. I know it's not off this album but he deserves the status of England's Woody Guthrie, which he would no doubt love.
  14. According to Gregg Evans on David Ornstein's weekly Athletic column, we are in talks to extend his contract. He currently has 2 years left.
  15. The info on Transfermarkt is basically just put on by volunteers: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/dec/19/top-football-clubs-relying-on-transfer-valuations-made-by-volunteers I'd be inclined to believe Gregg Evans - his journalism might not be up to much but the length of a contract is a pretty cut and dry matter.
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