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  1. Where has Mourinho said this? EDIT: Just done a quick Google search and found some results from a couple of days ago.
  2. It's what we do. Last year we said we were all for the league continuing rather than being voided when it looked nailed on that we would go down.
  3. To be fair the only advanced warning they can give is if it's 100% definitely off. Until then anything can happen. And at the moment it's not 100% off (though likely off)
  4. Having high xG with no goals means he can't finish rather than being unlucky.
  5. Very true. I guess at least with your scenario he may well get the media on his side especially when England fail.
  6. I just get the feeling (hopefully wrong) that Jack will have a bad game (all 5 minutes of it) and that will be the excuse Southgate needs to get rid of him for good. Every player can have a bad game no matter how good they are, but there will be more pressure on Grealish to perform than anyone else. Lets hope he handles it and doesn't try too hard, just play your natural game.
  7. You think we're that close to mid table? Talk about optimistic.
  8. Sup? I've been a lurker for ages, so thought it was about time I actually signed up and contributed. Especially as I'm big on Fantasy Football and I can finally have some Villans back in my team. I'm from Erdington but ive oop north now. Obviously life long Villan because that's how I roll.
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