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    Thanks again Andy! Last question for now, do you often get folk selling tickets outside the ground for big games like this, as in spares?
  2. hibsmg


    Thought as much! Never booked a ticket before so guess that will rule us out. When will tickets be on sale roughly? Thanks
  3. hibsmg


    Hi all, Hibs fan here now living in Shrewsbury as of earlier this year. Been following Villa's progress and hoping to get across to Birmingham for a game since John McGinn signed but not managed so far. Got a mate visiting on the weekend of the Man City game however and would be a great one to attend. Are there any chances at all of a first time attendee like myself getting a ticket for a game like that, or will they be taken up by season ticket holders and away fans? What would be the best way of going about it if there is a chance? Thanks all!
  4. Hey there, just a quick one to introduce myself - been a Hibs fan from Edinburgh the last 32 years but have recently moved to Shropshire, so hoping to take in a Villa game this season! Will be posting up on the main board soon looking for info on tickets, and look forward to reading all about McGinn in the Premier League this season.
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