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  1. Maddison did play in a midfield 3 last season, and we played most of our best football when he played there with Ndidi and Tielemans, in fact it is the one criticism I have of Rodgers so far this season that he doesn’t play him there usually until the 2nd half when he subs on a winger. He is more than capable playing that position and would regularly come deep to collect the ball to dictate the tempo and get us moving forward
  2. He very much reminds me of Anthony Knockaert, does below average in the Prem, never really getting more than 10 total goal contributions in a season, but the Championship is like a playground for them
  3. I think most clubs you look at now a lot will have a certain level of player power, as they are seen as a more valuable commodity than a replaceable manager, and I do definitely think Brendan will be gone once a big club comes calling I wouldn't neccessarily say there was ever as much player power as Leicester as talked about in the media, there is some, but not enough for that to be the only reason managers were getting sacked Ranieri won us the league, but that 2nd season he just tried to change to much about the style of play and also changed a lot behind the scenes in terms of training and even pre match meals etc., we were woeful in the Premier League matches, myself and a lot of other Leicester fans honestly think we would have gone down if we kept Ranieri, and the problem became that fans of other clubs just saw it from the outside that we were sacking a title winning manager, not the massive downward spiral we were on Shakespeare wasn't ever really a manager, he is very good when it comes to being friendly with the players and keeping them happy, but he just didn't seem to have it with the tactical/managerial side Now Puel is an interesting one, yes we were getting results and in the top half, but the football had to of been the most boring stuff I have ever watched, and reports from our local journo's regularly commented on how apparently his training sessions just weren't that intensive and not really interesting enough for the players, I do have to admit he is brilliant when it comes to youth players, without him I don't think someone like Chilwell would be at the point he is now I think the main hope is that this season we need at least 7th place/to win a cup to get european football on some level, or next summer we really could run the risk of losing a lot of our main 11 to bigger clubs, there have already been the links this summer "setting the groundwork" for future interest from clubs
  4. I wouldn't exactly say our squad is ageing, we only have 3 players over 26 in our main squad that regularly play (Schmeichel, Evans, Vardy), Vardy isn't really slowing down at all, and we have some of the more exciting youth talents in the country (Chilwell, Barnes, Choudhury, Maddison etc.) and Maguire isn't that much of a loss, Evans was our best defender last season (he is really over hyped from his England performances) Luckily the squad really get on well with Rodgers and his system is suitable for the players, we were one of the top performers in the league after Rodgers came in I am looking forward to seeing how you lot do this season, I have to admit I always worry about teams who bring in a lot of transfers when they come back up, but with signing players who have played for the manager before or played together before, it makes it a lot easier for them to settle in, I do expect you will finish somewhere in the 10th to 15th range as there are stronger teams than you in the league (Leicester, Everton, Wolves, West Ham), but you never know, you could be this seasons surprise package.
  5. Hello, A Leicester City fan, I have been lurking on this site for a fair while as the 2 clubs have had quite a few connections over the years ; O'Neill, Heskey, Albrighton etc. so always kept an eye on how things were going at the Villa Looking forward to having you back in the big time with us, and looking forward to seeing how you perform this season! Fox1884
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