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  1. Most of the news about Callejon coming out of Napoli and Italy is that he will be heading back to Spain, clubs like Sevilla, Betis, etc. are interested in him Will be a shame to see him finally leave Napoli but he just isn’t as effective as he used to be
  2. Soyuncu is a classic case of struggling to settle, he needed a year on the bench and just in and around the squad before he settled in properly, he really struggled to pick up the language There was even rumours he was going to go out on loan back to Turkey or Germany because he hadn't settled Looked like an absolute bombscare with the ball the few times he played for us last season Thankfully we stuck with him and it has paid off
  3. Fox1884

    Tyrone Mings

    Our options next season look like: Starting 2 - Evans and Soyuncu Back up 2 - Morgan and Benkovic We are very unlikely to make Bennetts loan move permanent Last summer and in January we were actively looking for a new centre back, mainly Demiral from Juventus until he got injured, so it seems like we will definitely be in the market for a centre back in the next transfer window, with Morgan likely to take on a 5th choice/coaching role next season and the new signing and Benkovic pushing Evans for his position
  4. This summer all you need is a video of the son of your manager involved in a racist orgy in your owners homeland during a goodwill tour to be leaked, getting the manager sacked, and some unsuccessful past it manager to be hired in his place, then you are well on track! What a rollercoaster that was
  5. Fair play to you, very clinical and took your chances, just seemed to want it more than we did Nyland and the back 3 (especially Nyland) were like a brick wall over both legs, we struggled to get the one goal and I thought it would be penalties because we would struggle to get another Do it for all the non Big 6 teams in England and beat Man City in the final! Would be good to see another Midlands team in Europe next season! As for Mike Dean and VAR they can do one!
  6. Vardy will be included in the squad for tomorrow night, no confirmation as to whether starting or on the bench Expecting him to be on the bench with Iheanacho starting, and coming on around 60-70 mins if needed
  7. Rodgers has confirmed Vardy injury not as bad as first feared Will definitely miss our FA Cup game tomorrow but is hopeful for Tuesday
  8. Rodgers said after the game it was only a twinged arse muscle and nothing serious, should hopefully be alright for the 2nd leg
  9. Vardy seems to have only twinged his arse muscle, not too serious, should hopefully be back for the 2nd leg
  10. Ever since we beat you at the start of December we have been absolute guff apart from 2 games around New Year Fully expecting West Ham to get at least a draw from us on Wednesday
  11. He was brilliant for us in the title winning season and he was good during the champions league campaign the following season (pretty average in the league until we sacked Claudio) Had a really good range of passing that Vardy thrived off, could also hit the ball quite well (scored a few bangers for us) However I do think he needs to be playing with a “destroyer” type player alongside him in midfield (Kante and then Ndidi) to be able to do what he does best as he can sometimes dally on the ball a bit He has pretty much missed his prime years as a player, so I am definitely interested in seeing how he does for you Just a shame he can’t play tomorrow!
  12. Maddison did play in a midfield 3 last season, and we played most of our best football when he played there with Ndidi and Tielemans, in fact it is the one criticism I have of Rodgers so far this season that he doesn’t play him there usually until the 2nd half when he subs on a winger. He is more than capable playing that position and would regularly come deep to collect the ball to dictate the tempo and get us moving forward
  13. He very much reminds me of Anthony Knockaert, does below average in the Prem, never really getting more than 10 total goal contributions in a season, but the Championship is like a playground for them
  14. I think most clubs you look at now a lot will have a certain level of player power, as they are seen as a more valuable commodity than a replaceable manager, and I do definitely think Brendan will be gone once a big club comes calling I wouldn't neccessarily say there was ever as much player power as Leicester as talked about in the media, there is some, but not enough for that to be the only reason managers were getting sacked Ranieri won us the league, but that 2nd season he just tried to change to much about the style of play and also changed a lot behind the scenes in terms of training and even pre match meals etc., we were woeful in the Premier League matches, myself and a lot of other Leicester fans honestly think we would have gone down if we kept Ranieri, and the problem became that fans of other clubs just saw it from the outside that we were sacking a title winning manager, not the massive downward spiral we were on Shakespeare wasn't ever really a manager, he is very good when it comes to being friendly with the players and keeping them happy, but he just didn't seem to have it with the tactical/managerial side Now Puel is an interesting one, yes we were getting results and in the top half, but the football had to of been the most boring stuff I have ever watched, and reports from our local journo's regularly commented on how apparently his training sessions just weren't that intensive and not really interesting enough for the players, I do have to admit he is brilliant when it comes to youth players, without him I don't think someone like Chilwell would be at the point he is now I think the main hope is that this season we need at least 7th place/to win a cup to get european football on some level, or next summer we really could run the risk of losing a lot of our main 11 to bigger clubs, there have already been the links this summer "setting the groundwork" for future interest from clubs
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