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  1. Celtic apparently want £25m for Edouard - no wonder we moved onto Daka - and now he is considering staying for the final year and leaving on a free next summer We can have a fight for him next summer on a free https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/odsonne-edouard-considering-celtic-stay-24345715
  2. Oh we have definitely had some absolute stinkers, Perez in 2019 for £30m was pretty shocking, the whole mess with Adrien Silva being late registered and cost £22m, Musa for £17m, Slimani (although not completely bad) for £28m So we do buy the occasional bad player, but it does tend to be when we go out of our zone away from young players
  3. Although he seems cheap, for saying we were meant to be pretty advanced in discussions with Celtic there must have been something stupid they wanted in the deal to put us off and make us move for Daka instead Also Edouard apparently wants paying more than whatever Daka is after, can't see him being happy with a rotation option to be honest
  4. Nahh I don’t think he is worth that much either, he is quality when fit but these injury issues he is having make him a big risk for anyone looking to sign him 3 years left on his contract, home grown, and how much of a pain we are when it comes to selling our best players is where the fee comes from Just feels like if any of the big 6 come in for our players, especially after the Super League crap, we have the right to rinse them for as much money as possible haha
  5. I imagine that would be the highest we would go, but it wouldn't surprise me if Celtic are pushing for much higher than that or want a % of any fee we get rather than just profit, could be them just being petty as we seem to have dismantled everything about them when we stole Rodgers I don't think Maddison will go, going to cost £70m+ to get him which I can't see Arsenal offering, then we tend to want all the money in one go (we made Man Utd and Chelsea pay the entire fees upfront for Maguire and Chilwell) and I imagine Arsenal would try to spread it across a load of years like they did with Pepe - we would basically make negotiations as hard as possible
  6. The rumour is it is an issue in negotiations with Celtic rather than Edouard himself (by all accounts, personal terms are agreed) Wouldn't surprise me if they are trying to include a big sell on clause as they stupidly agreed to a massive one with PSG when they signed Edouard themselves - 50% of any profit they make on the £9m spent
  7. I think you should stay away from Daka Go for the French bloke at Celtic instead
  8. He obviously seemed to be a good part of the setup we had when he was here, however he actually left us part way through the title season and joined Spurs, then eventually followed Pearson to Derby, Leuven and eventually joined yourselves It is an interesting one because we have had quite a few members of our scouting department leave us over the years (all for "big 6" teams) but none of them are still at the clubs they left us for Obviously it can be kind of hard to gauge exactly how much input he had with certain signings etc. as the most that comes out a bit our deals is with regards to Walsh and Mills, however I have no doubt he will of had some role to play in them It will be one of those where it could be that he benefitted from the system we have in place, or vice-versa etc. No doubt he is probably good at his job, not someone we seem to miss though - we have somehow turned Congerton who is apparently shocking when it comes to players into a relatively good heading of scouting
  9. Yeah I think they put a bit more pressure on him than was needed, with us he was head of recruitment and scouting which he was brilliant at Over in USA now doing some advisory role for an MLS team
  10. Mahrez was spotted by Steve Walsh, Kante was spotted by another of our scouts called David Mills Both times they were at games to watch someone else
  11. I wouldn't use Kramaric for measuring against when it comes to how he did for us, only ever started 6 league games and they were all during the great escape season (he only played 22 minutes of league football in the title winning season) He never got a fair chance with us because of Vardy
  12. He thrived when he played next to Kante, but playing alongside anyone else he really struggled He was shocking in the Great Escape season and was also very poor in 16/17 after we sold Kante
  13. Kante was sold in 2016 - initially replaced with Mendy (who got a long term injury) and then further replaced with Ndidi in Jan 2017 Drinkwater sold in 2017 - replaced with Silva (although we then had the whole 14 seconds too late crap) Mahrez sold in 2018 - replaced with Ghezzal, but we also changed system to implement Maddison as an AM to help make up for the loss of Mahrez goals and assists We only ever sold 3 of our title winning team; Drinkwater wasn't that much of a loss, we got a brilliant replacement for Kante with Ndidi, Mahrez we replaced by getting goals and assists from other areas of the pitch
  14. There hasn't been any talk about Vardy retiring in the summer? Just that he will probably be rotated a lot more next season, he isn't done yet But yes we wouldn't look to sell Iheanacho anyway as he has just signed a new contract and even with possibly signing a new striker we still need him for depth, especially if we continue to use a formation with 2 up top
  15. Soumare isn't a DM so I certainly hope not! Soumare is more likely going to be brought in to play in a box to box role, we don't really have a player currently who can take the ball from deep and run it up the pitch Makes me think we may be aiming for a midfield system a bit more similar to Liverpools (when it was good) - Destroyer (Ndidi), Quarterback controlling the play (Tielemans), the runner (Soumare) If we sell anyone I think it is more likely to be Maddison, although we may not sell anyone, we need the squad depth anyway and Champions League would likely give us the funds we need that would usually come from a sale
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