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  1. Slim Shady redemption tonight, be afraid
  2. No Vardy for us, Iheanacho starting Jonny Evans and Dennis Praet also playing
  3. We signed Mendy for about £12m because he was putting up very similar stats to Kante in France, and he was someone we were actually interested in before we got Kante, then he got badly injured in his 1st game and we signed Ndidi in the January
  4. I wouldn’t say we hate him, he is just incredibly frustrating and only seems to be able to impact a game when he comes off the bench in the last 20 minutes when the opposition are tired and he can run at defenders a bit more easily He hardly ever makes an impact when he starts a match, which is a shame but he just hasn’t really developed like he was expected to He is skilful and quick, but he is also a very selfish and tunnel vision kind of player, more often than not he will want to cut inside from the left and try to shoot from outside the box which from memory has only ever come o
  5. To be fair with regards to Danny Ward we were after a no.2 who could challenge and push Schmeichel, whilst at the time we bought him and also in recent windows Schmeichel has been linked with moves away so we wanted someone who could step up if he left or good enough for an extended run if Schmeichel got a serious injury Unluckily for Ward Schmeichel has been in great form for club and country and barely been injured so Ward has only really got a chance in the cups Also Liverpool are just masters at getting good money for back up players
  6. Main reason I want us to sign him is that the Celtic fans will have a complete meltdown They still despise us and get proper salty after we took Rodgers
  7. He was pretty good for us in the season he signed, but after that it started to come out that he had a bit of an attitude problem in the dressing room and was quite disruptive and moaned a lot He was doing well at Monaco but then they got a new manager in who preferred to use Ben Yedder rather than Slimani, 1 year left on his contract so I imagine he will be probably be sold this summer, probably no more than £5m, mostly just to get his wages off the bill as he earns £80k a week Kramaric just never got a chance with us really and a lot of Leicester fans think that it is one of the tr
  8. Not quite sure why I put central Europe, I was meant to put Western Europe
  9. He hasn't fully joined you until you see a picture of him doing this during a training session
  10. He is a very good man manager and he usually is very well liked and involved with the players - which is why he got chucked in with the whole ridiculous player power thing when Ranieri was sacked He is pretty well admired throughout the English game, and was involved in most of our recent success I will say his actual managerial skills aren't quite there yet as he was pretty poor for us but he is very good at helping set up a team to be stable Pretty good appointment! Mackenzie and now Shakespeare... which of our other former staff are you getting next? haha
  11. Over the past 2 seasons the players they have signed have been mainly from central Europe - France, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, I do believe however they share some our scouting network/system as they are our sister club so I think they have been able to be a bit more expansive in their scouting compared to other clubs in their division
  12. The club he has joined you from Leuven are our sister club and they have just been promoted to the 1st division Leuven mainly have recruited more experienced players to gain promotion this season, usually players not really good enough for the 1st tier teams or the better players from the 2nd tier and below, and usually aged 25 or over But the club have gone from being at risk of relegation last season to promotion this season so they have definitely been identifying the correct players they needed
  13. Seems like he is highly rated wherever he goes, we were rumoured to be considering bringing him back after our head technical scout left last year but we went with someone else, but he definitely has good experience hehind him as well Technical scouting is obviously becoming a massive thing when clubs look at transfers now so having someone like Mackenzie who has been doing it for a while will definitely help, will just depend on the kind of players that Smith wants He used to follow Nigel Pearson around - was with us when he was our manager, left and joined Spurs, then joined up wit
  14. Not technically, Steve Walsh found Mahrez when looking at another player at Le Havre which meant he was then tracked in the system Mahrez was highlighted by the analytics team later on when we were looking for players of a certain criteria (wide player with 1 year left on his contract and matched criteria from the universal database such as progressive runs etc.)
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