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  1. For once I completely and utterly agree
  2. I'm going for an all out win 3 maybe 4 - 1, to us of course...
  3. I said TRY and Crock it take some crockin
  4. Should he have been risked if he was carrying any injury, hopefully nothing too serious though
  5. And John mcginn backs his arse in and gets fouled a fair few times, I'd like to see some1 try and "crock" that good
  6. And I bet you can't wait...... But me myself I'm happy with the way Jack plays, free kicks in dangerous area's, penalties here and there?, the players from the other teams he draws in to create space for others? No no no let's change him and lose his attributes! It'd be like taking the anger out of Roy Keane, you wouldn't have the same player
  7. Don't think fitness should be a issue after a full pre-season
  8. Got to say that if it did go inside the post he would of had it "covered", imo, but post or hand it didn't go in, we got a clean sheet, and the confidence that will give our defence is unbelievable
  9. Think your still a bit upset that rhm went out on loan
  10. Agree with this % wouldn't swap our midfield for there's, don't think ole is going to last that long tbh
  11. Fills me with confidence when he speaks about and for our great club, and about how wealthy our owners are haha
  12. Took the game to man u and got caught on the break, one way of losing a game, if you check the early comments on the spurs thread there's already a few niggles, that's all
  13. Chelsea are 4-0 down at man u, was yesterday's result so bad as some are making it out to be?, our defence looks a lot more assured than Chelsea's does atm tbh, I think we'll be alright once we have settled UTV
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