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  1. Well, my VP match will certainly be… interesting.
  2. Disappointed, but not surprised. Onwards and upwards, UTV.
  3. Man, I’ve had a really hard time today. Back in 2019 Mrs MNVillan went through a battle with cancer. For some reason today I’ve been getting lots of flashbacks from bad memories during chemotherapy, and it’s pretty much crippled me mentally. I had to leave work early and come home because I just couldn’t cope.
  4. Yeah I’m not thrilled about it.
  5. Someone explain what has happened please
  6. All is well and good, making our first pilgrimage to VP in November
  7. I wasn’t drinking at the time, Mrs MNVillan was going through chemotherapy. Season ticket holders but obviously couldn’t go to the game with the medical restrictions. F****** lost it and both started crying when we won. I’m also drunk and did forget. Anyway, I’m about 60% convinced Jack’s staying. I’d be much more convinced except Minnesota sports have taught me to always hedge my bets.
  8. Screw it, I’ll give my two cents. Villa just posted five training pictures on Instagram. Only one of them had Jack in it, and he wasn’t the focal point in any. However, he was beaming in the background, looked happy to be back. He was also quickly shown in the circle video of warmups. The Social Media People aren’t stupid, they aren’t going to post anything with Jack involved if he’s certainly off.
  9. I’m hoping to see Palace away while we visit London. Ticket requests in through the Minnesota Lions club but not holding my breath. Seems like away tickets are hard to come by even for the well established local fans
  10. Yeah, no kidding. Was the only time Mrs. MNVillan could get off work
  11. They had a countdown of days, hours and minutes until they played City on villatalk the other day. Literally counting down the minutes until they could abuse him for daring to leave. I’m counting down the minutes until that game. That’s my first visit to Villa Park.
  12. This is my day off and first time perusing the thread during the day. This **** is ******* stressful
  13. I did my part on the night watch. Someone catch me up please.
  14. Well I understand where you’re coming from, but he’s hoping for wages never before paid by the club. This might be the best way to negotiate a better contract
  15. I think it’s a time on the clock
  16. If I go back to sleep and miss it because of this, that’s mean
  17. She’s asleep, I’m playing solo with it
  18. Depends on what type of news we receive
  19. Minnesota watch, still on the clock because my puppy won’t let me sleep anyway
  20. Valiant effort but you forgot the training pictures
  21. This thread is taking years off my life. I get pumped up with these two posts and then yours brings me crashing down to earth.
  22. Us Non-Europeans will have to keep the torch lit while the Brits rest up for tomorrow
  23. He teased Bailey‘s introduction before it happened. He may not know about this, but he definitely has more access to information than the random Twitter bloke
  24. If they were on the verge of accepting the fee, they’d be telling him to stay the **** home. Lay in bed, wrap yourself in bubblewrap, lock the door. The last thing they would want is their prized asset getting injured right before things were completed.
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