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  1. Half way through the January transfer window with Villa and sitting on a mouth watering 10 points! Spending the majority of my transfer budget on Karlan Grant in hindsight was a poor idea.
  2. Not all of them but they have done a few. The promoted teams faces don't get added until a later patch which is a tad annoying.
  3. I take it this is just a warm up kit?
  4. doubt we are going to have much off the ball today so having trez and el ghazi up front makes alot more sense if we are going to break with pace. looking forward to this!
  5. First shock of the season... That interview with Daniel Farke didn't expect that voice to come from that body.
  6. Is there an option for long sleeves? Or is it just short sleeves like the past few years?
  7. Being lurking on this forum for years now and I thought it was finally time to make an account and what a better time to do it than when we are finally back in the promised land of the Premier league.
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