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  1. Hey guys, New on VT. Just joined with the code thinking this was an open VT league, but if it's a league of mates irl feel free to kick me out. Apart from that, could we all take a moment, and pray for a McGinniesta hatrick on Friday please. UTV
  2. The outright lack of objectivity from the majority of the posters on here is astounding. So many people claiming we'll "struggle for goals", "need another striker", etc. If Trez had pulled back that simple ball for Wes early on against Spurs instead of barreling on with his head down and shooting into two defenders we would likely have been 2-0 up, Big Wes would have got off the mark, and we probably would have got something from the game. Small things like that change the complexion completely. In this reality we're bemoaning impotency up front after he has a a relatively quiet few games (not unheard of for hold-up front men who will only see a few chances per game) whereas in the alternate reality we praise Wes for finding space in the box and a tidy finish that won us a huge three points vs spurs, and forgive him a somewhat quiet 90 today. Have some perspective guys, it's early doors, and the variance will even itself out in the long run.
  3. Cmon lads! two more with McGinniesta on the scorecard for my FPL!!
  4. Complete reverse of the spurs game. Incredible. Hopefully that means three late goals incoming
  5. This has been bothering me and I assume I'm missing something. Why is it better to pay him a severance package (7 figs +?) at the start of the window, rather than wait out the summer to see if anyone is willing to pay us for him? Even a nominal sum would be a huge win vs paying him to go, right?
  6. Hi all. Long time Villa fan despite my Dads best efforts. He was West Ham and around Christmas I think aged 5 or 6, first getting into football, I started cheering on some Claret & Blue trying to be like him. Some guy called Milosevic scored two, and I was hooked. :) Been there through the highs and lows, it's been a long few years in the doldrums but really excited to see what the future brings. UTV!

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