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  1. Jack must be close to a suspension now. Last thing we need cmon Jack
  2. One positive from the game was us starting to get our press working. It's been frustrating in games to see the forward line constantly gesturing at each other to push up and press as a unit without success, but last night there were signs of progress. I distinctly remember one of the attempts to hunt as a pack which forced their defender to boot it out for a throw in on the far side. In comparison Chelseas press was incredible, made it really difficult to play out through, and was relentless. Hope we take lessons from that.
  3. How was the atmosphere at the ground?Seemed to vary from dead to lively at various stages but it felt like Sky varying the levels themselves
  4. When you can nail a free kick with his regularity it arguably makes you undroppable
  5. Not fear surely, just deep appreciation for the moment the club is in. The worries of today pale in comparison to the worries of the last decade, and you see that reflected in the positivity of the posting. We're all dreaming of a Sir Deano coronation following a decade of trophies, but even that team will be riddled with mistakes that need criticising. Then one day it'll all be over and we'll be back sitting in a relegation battle with geriatric Steve Bruce at the helm playing a 35 year old Grealish at left back, and you'll be wondering why you didn't enjoy the renaissance more at the time!
  6. We attacked well, defended well, and proved to ourselves that we aren't dependant on Jack to make things happen. Deano has worked miracles with this squad in not very long, but for all that I can't understand the subs. JMG was dead on his feet and we took off Luiz who was doing fine, then Kodj for Wes with five minutes left... Mystifying.
  7. McGinn is dead on his feet, can't track a runner. Surely he needed sub more than luiz
  8. Think there's a decent chance KDB gets rested after playing last two, Sterling not so much given lack of competition and how well he seems to be feeding off Mendy being back in the team. Scary to watch last night. Aguero looking really sharp again too. 5-4 Villa
  9. Villa "We'll give you £5m for him" Blues "£8m" Villa "Gtfo turns out he's got multiple hernias we'll have to sort out. £2m!" Blues *covers mic* "Crap they found out..." "OK ok, £5m" Villa "£2m plus Gary Gardner" Blues *swallow last vestige of local pride* "Done"
  10. https://www.thefightingcock.co.uk/forum/threads/dressing-room-issues.33371/ Off topic slightly but this thread of Spurs fans losing their minds over the Eriksen rumours is a great read.
  11. I'm sure there'll be plenty still cynically thinking "You didn't complain about the wages did you?" but the world must seem a very simple place to you if you assume large sums of money directly correlates with increased happiness and mental health. The caveman brain needs positive stimuli; fulfilling relationships, pride, value to the tribe, they all generate a sense of self-worth. You lose those, no amount of imaginary numbers on an online banking screen will make up for them.
  12. Some of Targett movement and passing in the highlights looked sublime, really excited to see him take that LB spot.
  13. Hey guys, New on VT. Just joined with the code thinking this was an open VT league, but if it's a league of mates irl feel free to kick me out. Apart from that, could we all take a moment, and pray for a McGinniesta hatrick on Friday please. UTV
  14. The outright lack of objectivity from the majority of the posters on here is astounding. So many people claiming we'll "struggle for goals", "need another striker", etc. If Trez had pulled back that simple ball for Wes early on against Spurs instead of barreling on with his head down and shooting into two defenders we would likely have been 2-0 up, Big Wes would have got off the mark, and we probably would have got something from the game. Small things like that change the complexion completely. In this reality we're bemoaning impotency up front after he has a a relatively quiet few games (not unheard of for hold-up front men who will only see a few chances per game) whereas in the alternate reality we praise Wes for finding space in the box and a tidy finish that won us a huge three points vs spurs, and forgive him a somewhat quiet 90 today. Have some perspective guys, it's early doors, and the variance will even itself out in the long run.
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