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  1. It would be easy to be critical about a lack of creativity and so forth, but that’s probably harsh on Sheffield United. I thought it was an excellent 3 points and here’s why: - Historically we’ve not played well against them going back a few years. They’re an awkward team, extremely well drilled and hard working, and when you have that with 3 at the back and 3 in midfield, you’re always going to get forced wide and struggle to create. - When we went a man up their plan was straightforward. They went to two deep lines of strong, well organised physical players with one lone striker. They forced play wide and let JOC and Basham in particular deal with the aerial balls. With a front 3 of Grealish, Watkins and Trez we were unlikely to win those balls anyway. We probably could have focused on sending the balls into the box hard and low, but then you’ve gotta get through a congested area. Basically it was always going to be very difficult for us to break them down and our shot maps and shots on target vs shots taken shows how effective their defensive unit was. - Last season against ten men a couple of times we didn’t even look like we had a man advantage. This time we looked more composed, relaxed and controlled. Aside from the penalty they didn’t really threaten us. Interestingly their pen was from one of their CB’s being on the back shoulder of our full back which is classic Sheffield United really. - Cash, Martinez and Watkins all looked good. Cash was solid, Martinez just looked superb and Watkins put a good shift in...his movement got us the man advantage and while it wasn’t his busiest game, you have to view that in the context of how busy their penalty box was and how little space he had. We will see more from him. Superb addition. - Once we had scored and they had to push out a bit we created a couple of potentially very good chances. Watkins had a nice curler just over and Grealish had the deflected effort, that with a slightly better pass from Watkins he can hit first time and likely score. If you want a fairer reflection of our likely attacking style and output for this season honestly I think the last 15/20 mins is probably more representative. I think anyone here being negative about our performance just simply isn’t taking into account what we actually had to play against, sometimes you just have to credit the oppositions qualities and organisation and move on. If we were Sheffield United fans we’d be praising how organised our defence was and how well we shut them out. Can’t have it both ways! Last season we probably don’t win that, instead this year our new keeper saves a penalty and we score from a set piece. Fine margins that we weren’t the right side of last season. Given that was our first league game of the season it was a good start and will be a good confidence booster. Hopefully we see McGinn back to his pre lockdown form sooner rather than later, and Traoré makes an impact.
  2. Apparently he’s lacking match fitness so I wouldn’t expect a start today. Perhaps in the cup later this week?
  3. Yeah I think you could see the same intention last year when we had Grealish in midfield but he quickly realised Wesley, El Ghazi and Trez we’re not going to score enough!
  4. Just rewatching the game now (I’m in New Zealand so not just randomly watching villa friendlies at ridiculous times of the night) and the first thing that stands out over the initial 15mins or so is that: 1) Cash made a few initial errors just looking a bit fresh in new surroundings 2) They forced a lot of play down the left side at least initially, and Shaw, James, Rashford and Van De Beek were all sitting on his shoulder or presssuring him at various stages. Quite a few times you could see Cash was trying to deal with multiple people and kinda got caught in between. Whenever they had possession near our box you’d see one of their CM’s sit right in between Cash and Konsa, so that’s probably an overload they’re working on in training. when I watched initially I just thought he looked a bit lost but he actually had a few struggles being outnumbered. He’s also quick and made a good covering run back when Rashford got sent through just before we scored. Definitely not the perfect start by any means but gotta give him time to get up to speed.
  5. I thought this was pretty likely as well but then there’s a lot of rumours we are keen on a new central midfielder as well for decent money, which kinda goes against that theory. I feel like our next signing/s will confirm what the plan is here. If we bring in a wide left player then I find it hard to see us spending big on another centre mid
  6. I watched Kepa a lot when he was at Athletic Club (and I mean a lot, like probably 50-60% of his games In full) and he was exceptional. I really have no clue what has happened to him at Chelsea
  7. Oh I agree with you in many respects, so we don’t have to just agree to disagree here. I think Davis is the best option we have off the bench right now. However I’d rather make the sacrifice and see him have a proper season of first team football to develop rather than being an impact sub with us as I think he will be better off for it
  8. It’s very much poor gentlemanly conduct to not allow the other team to adequately brace before submitting said bid
  9. Ima big fan of Keinan but a championship loan is exactly what he needs. I don’t think he’s quite good enough to carry us through a prem season, and sitting on the bench playing occasional minutes won’t be good for his development at all. it would be great to see him get a full season under his belt and develop a bit of confidence in front of goal
  10. Douglas Luiz will be playing defensive mid with Nakamba as backup. We perhaps need another more attacking CM alongside McGinn if Grealish is being kept out wide left. If we sign two strikers (eg King and Watkins) then you might see Grealish drop into central midfield with a front 3 of Trez, King and Watkins. personally I don’t think we will sign both a number 8 and another striker, and whichever we bring in will tell you where Grealish will play
  11. The thing I like about this signing is that he looks like the right fit for our forward line. We really lacked a player of his qualities last season. Yes the fee is high but he’s young with room to grow - hopefully he makes the step up no worries. Welcome Ollie
  12. If that's true, it's terrible club management from a club of their size, stature, stadium size etc. You can't make yourself entirely reliant on TV money when your income streams are low. I hope for their sake that's not the case.
  13. The the King story has been put out by Percy so you'd fancy there's something in it, he's usually the most reliable media source out there!
  14. I think we were clearly interested but quite a few potential things that scuppered the deal: 1) He wanted to go to Newcastle with Fraser 2) We didn't want to offer the length of contract he's been given there 3) We didn't want to offer the wages he's been given there 4) He simply preferred the move there Either way, he's only going to say now what appeals to Newcastle fans to build bridges - so that means he will talk about all the reasons he chose Newcastle over us. It doesn't reflect anything in regards to what we actually did on the deal. Personally I'm not that disappointed to miss out on him - also if he doesn't want to join us then we are better off with someone else!
  15. Yeah just edited my post there as I had them the wrong way round in my head, I knew the younger of the two was the higher rated but had the names confused
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