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  1. No words , if I speak i will get banned absolutely raging right now
  2. Seen him at a restaurant after the game and told him you always come alive against us he put his hand to his chest and said “ sorry sorry” with a huge smile. I said its all good man your a special player . I thought wow what a genuine guy ... not better than seeing Cash after last weeks game against United though of course
  3. No need for this kind of panic its just one of those games mate
  4. Im still here trying to find food haha anyway it went as I predicted 2-1 to them we didn’t embarrass ourselves a very narrow defeat although in the end the score could have been a lot worse as they cut through us a few times ... some villa fans by me got chucked out for celebrating Not ramseys fault by all means... think bidace needs more game time though tbf
  5. Half panicking i cant get the pass and QR code stuff to add to my wallet .. i have a negative result which i taken today but the stadium require the result to be shown on the app but i dont know how to do it.. does this mean im going to miss the match as its not on the app i mean my results show on my email . anyway i got to be honest and predict a 2-1 win to spurs just based on the football cycle and them needing the win after that NLD loss... fingers crossed im wrong
  6. Can see me in that celebrating subliminally as im in the united section haha
  7. Horrendous record absolutely abysmal, wonder why we played them twice in two days haha
  8. Didnt wanna say it like that tbf and im sorry to hear that you missed the game due to this hope you are feeling better now and ill be going with a much more whatever happens happens mindset as opposed to the united game where it was a battlefield match for me i wanted blood sweat and tears for that one and got the victory.. im presuming i can collect one of these lateral tests from my local pharmacy
  9. So they’re probably strict and check and will need to make sure its done .. dunno where to start with it all but hey ho.. dont want any more games this season after the united game im still on a high and don’t want to ever come down will probably have to predict a loss on sunday and i dont want to say it but its just the pattern in football they lose against their biggest rivals and the week before so they will be going all out against us to ensure victory and we have had it maybe too good in a sense by winning the last two games... but we always go with that optimism
  10. Fellow Villians whats the procedure with the spurs match in terms of covid tests , never done this stuff before so unsure and is it mandatory so do they actually check these
  11. Just beating them in general means the most tbf but yeah its well well overdue beating them at villa park .. maybe this year is the double
  12. Mate it was simply the best ever .. my emotions were running high ... not sure if sitting with the united fans made it better as i looked to my right and seen all the villa boys making noise it was truly emotional words can’t explain... couldn’t wait to get out there and celebrate with the lads... beating them with ronaldo pogba fernandes and co was just something out of my dreams .... love to see the players celebrate intensely so wasnt happy with watkins lack of excitement when we scored.
  13. Not arrogant at all your 100% right no team should especially against us
  14. It was even horrendous before the 2009 win because before that one it was 26 years before a win at old trafford so this 12 year run without a win there isn’t so bad and as for us beating them at VP its worst because that still remains 26 years when we beat them in 1995 woeful record
  15. Almost had tears in my eye after the final whistle blew i was shocked stunned and delighted too many emotions, the one thing in life i ask for and got ... well overdue we need to beat these lot more often its far too rare , then i seen matty cash back in the city at a party and his response and humbleness when i congratulated him saying to him you’ve made my year was just pure class he was full of smiles and told me he was still buzzing
  16. Absolutely ecstatic, delighted and buzzing ... feel like im dreaming ... did we really beat united today and i was there to witness it.. albeit sitting with the home fans ... unreal day and will treasure these moments for life .. come on VILLA!!!!
  17. None of them boys bring pace and that creative spark we need traore on that field or at least buendia
  18. Ill hang ings on my wall if that ever comes to life honestly, but this fixture is a pain in the *** .... always the same outcome... cant even beat them with villa on my playstation thats how bad it is even the computer knows the rules with this one Devastated that bailey is ruled out because i would be more optimistic
  19. Its ronaldo we need sending off hahah he has a field day against us
  20. Problem gets worse as united just lost at OT even though it wasnt a league game and less important they wont lose twice in a row there
  21. Hence why agbonlahor is one of my favourites for us as that winner at old trafford in 2009 was the only time i have ever seen us win against united ... id be still having sleepless nights because of him but regardless it feels like we still havent beat them because of how long that was
  22. Ings must be starting in either line up tbh we need the strongest side from the get go
  23. Death , taxes and losing to United full stop home and away ... the most frustrating fixture ever played for me
  24. Please please tell me leon bailey is not injured and is available for Saturday if there is one game i need him available for its this one!
  25. Brave of you have you seen our history of results against the Red Devil’s ?
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