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    All Things Claret & Blue. Chairman of the Dutch Lions.

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  1. Imagine this all starting over again in the January window.
  2. Hello All! My name is Rowan and I'm a big Aston Villa fan for half of my life right now (am 25 years old) from the Netherlands. I Did fall in love with the amazing claret and blue and since my first visit to Villa Park it was only the Villa for me. Many of you will know the Lions Club network and I've become the chairman of the Dutch Lions (the Netherlands) since last season. If there are any Aston Villa fans based in the Netherlands, feel free to contact me for pub meetings with other Dutch fans etc. (I hope this is allowed in this post). I'm using this blog website for a while now (reading the posts) and I'm looking forward to interact with you all. A few weeks left until the new campaign starts, let's make it a wonderful season in the Premier League where Aston Villa belongs. Cheers, Rowan, chairman of the Dutch Lions.
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