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  1. He is not in the squad because he is already injured. Atleast that is what I read on some websites.
  2. Nakamba was a really average player when he played for Vitesse. I dont see how Villa thinks he is Premier League quality.. Imo for the price the are saying in the media Villa can get so much better players.
  3. As Ajax it is easy, but the rule is that an non-european player must get a wage of 30% above the Eredivisie average. This is too protect are own players. This comes to around 400.000 a year salary that must be payed as a minimum, peanuts for Ajax but for all other clubs outside the top 3 it is almost impossible.
  4. Nice! 20 - 25 million seems like a lot of money for someone with only 13 goals in the belgium dvision, but then again he also scored 2 goals in the Champions League, which were both decent goals. Lets see what he can do!
  5. Aleksander Isak is going to Real Sociedad for €10.000.000, he did really good in The Netherlands and has a nice future ahead of him. There are decent strikers out there like him that don't have to cost crazy amounts of money (like Tammy Abraham).
  6. Belotti signed a new contract for Torino, don't think it's very realistic for him to come to the Villa. Any other strikes you guys like to see?
  7. JordyTheHague


    Derby tickets will also go on sale this week, their members can buy up to 4 tickets. I can imagine a lot of those tickets ending up online.
  8. JordyTheHague


    Cheapest tickets I found are on sportsevent365 for 201 pounds, but I think that it is best to wait for the Derby tickets to go into sale and more of the Villa tickets to get sold, because I recon that more tickets will come online (and become cheaper) as time passes. If you're willing to be on the Derby side then it wont be hard to get a ticket.
  9. Hey, My name is Jordy, Im a 23yo Dutch Villa fan following the Villa now for about 6/7 years. In my country I am supporter of ADO Den Haag. Would be nice to get in touch with some other (dutch) Villa fans! :)
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