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  1. I’m 51 and can remember losing the likes of Cowans, Platt, Barry before and it is mildly annoying to say the least. If Jack does go and for me I still think it’s a big if, someone will replace him and be one the new Cowans, Platt, Barry or Grealish. Personally I think he will stay and the team will be built around him and he is fully in the know on who is being lined up and the calibre if possible new signings ...
  2. You watch jack join Man U and get selected right away !!
  3. Has FFP been relaxed ? What are the terms I’ve missed that ...
  4. Not sure if it’s been said on the thread before but on one of the Sky Sports Transfer programmes I think it was Rob Dorset who said out of 6 newly promoted teams who spent big over £100 million after being promoted only Fulham got relegated last season, every other one survived their first season. So to me it shows a complete lack of knowledge from these so called pundits who are only comparing us to Fulham and conveniently forgetting the other 5 ... (don’t know who they are by the way will have to do a bit of digging)
  5. Anyone else already throwing stuff at the TV with the whining self appreciating biased drivel coming from Jamie carragher. The one thing I’m not looking forward to this year is the awful commentary teams sky have for the premier. Carragher shouldn’t even be in the job after what he did spitting at that young kid in the car ...
  6. Hermes are shocking .. delivered a load of Lego to the wrong address for us we had to claim another lot back.
  7. I think the badge seems smaller than last year as well. Only slightly but still smaller
  8. I’ve been and bought my home shirt this morning. Unusually but XL or XXL depending on the fit. With the new shirt I tried both XL and XXL and found both to be fairly tight. Now I’m not a big guy but I’ve had to go XXXL just to get the shirt to feel comfortable on me and look right. That’s ridiculous because normally XXXL would be like a tent on me but it fits me just like an XL would in any other shirt I have.
  9. I’m sure Oscar Arce played alongside Barry Hole !! Great partnership .. especially when they had a real stinker !!!!
  10. I know a pro footballer and his family (well the wife does) and the wives of footballers kind of know that they will probably be moving around a few times very much like families of servicemen but not in shitty married quarters obviously. What I’m saying is that the wives often put roots down in a particular area to give kids stability with schools and such like and the players will live in the area they play and travel back and forth on days off etc. I don’t think it’s a major problem like it may have been in the past. If she’s successful then I can see her running the business in Bournemouth
  11. I said the same to a mate before the play offs. Whether he was with us next year or not I could see him playing for England within 12 months with the way he plays out from the back and moves forward ...
  12. Martin Shaw from the professionals.. and John Taylor from Duran Duran Taylor wore a Villa shirt when Duran Duran played at Villa Park in the 80’s
  13. Hi guys .. and gals ... first time post after spending a long time watching afar and enjoying. I think this time last year many of us were spending time saying we hoped Fulham would get promoted automatically so we avoided them in the play offs. This year I honestly truly do not feel that about any team we could face as long as we turn up which I think we will. Baggies over 2 legs don’t frighten me but any team with Gayle in it poses a threat. Derby don’t bother me at all and Leeds, well yesterday showed we can handle them definitely over 2 legs. If it was Middlesbrough the worst t
  14. Hi guys been a long time watcher and thought now is the time to join in. 50 this year and been going down to VP and away since is was about 4-5. I’m told I fell asleep at my first villa game which was against Everton in the early 70s .. been a few more since then to be fair as well !! Seen the good and the bad times but absolutely feel the good times are coming back after a few years in the doldrums and want to get involved in a villa community that enjoys talking about the greatest club in football. Fabiurite player well the name says it all, by far the greatest player amongst many
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