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  1. Reading some of these posts and some of our own on OTIB, I fear that the real truth is being clouded by sentiment. We feel hard done by regarding the penalty - it certainly was NOT stonewall but you do see them given. For my part I’m gutted but I have to acknowledge that we had an equally dodgy pen vs QPR so maybe it’s evened itself out? Overall, penalty or not, if you read our boards , you will find that most of our fans acknowledge that you were the better side and deserved your win. Of course, comments about ‘small club’ etc will provoke a reaction - as it duly has - we are arguably bigger than Watford, Crystal Palace, Burnley, Brighton, Bournemouth, Huddersfield, Cardiff etc, so hardly minnows. Anyway, we will regroup and keep going. Hope we meet you again in the playoffs for round 2 :)
  2. Hi I’m a Bristol City fan i have been reading the comments on here and want to participate respectfully. I wont be abusive - promise!
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